Six Common Cases Private Investigators Handle

Private Investigators

The role/job of private investigators may be portrayed more dramatically in movies than in real life. Whether you have a financial, legal, or personal case that you want to get solved, detectives are trained enough to do all of this. They handle everything from locating hidden assets and investigating insurance claims to proving infidelity with their resources, expertise, and judgment.

For instance, if you reside in Australia and cannot detect a mole in your company that is leaking all your essential business plans to your competitor, expert and professional private investigators in Melbourne can help you trace them.

Nevertheless, we’ve mentioned 6 common cases private investigators handle in this article. Keep reading to learn!

1.    Serving Legal Papers

Filing a case and being unable to send the notice or other legal papers to the defendant just because they vanished into thin air can be a bummer. This can also cost you time and energy. You can hire private investigators who can pass legal papers to the defendant part on your behalf.  

No matter where they hide, detectives use their tools and resources to trace and locate them and serve them the legal papers, which would otherwise be hard to do.

2.    Background Investigations

Whether you want to know a person’s past for business or personal purposes, a private investigator can handle this case as well. Most businesses want to know about their partner’s or important employee’s intentions.

Whereas, people may want to know about their partners too if they are hiding anything in a relationship. Likewise, parents, in general, may wish to know better about nannies to ensure they can trust their children with them.

This is all for peace of mind and a sense of security. To unveil the facts, a private detective can run background checks and dig up a person’s past, including their credit score, employment history, address, criminal history, and social connections.

3.    Missing Persons Investigations

At times, debtors “disappear” as they aren’t able to or don’t want to pay their debt. This can be a signification problem for people who have to receive a large sum of money.

On the other hand, a missing person’s case can be a bit personal and concerning too. For instance, if a family isn’t able to find their child for a long time, or they aren’t able to get a hold of their close relatives just to make sure they are doing okay.

Therefore, private investigators leverage the skip-tracing technique by gathering every bit of information they can have on this person and putting the pieces of a puzzle together to locate them.

4.    Trial Preparation

Lawyers already have so much to deal with when solving a case in terms of the law. Uncovering facts about the case may cost them extra money and time, especially when they don’t have additional expertise in uncovering crucial evidence.

A private investigator can help them gather facts and evidence on the defendant’s party and even conduct surveillance on them based on the experience and talents they possess and report their findings to the attorney. This can significantly help the case in the court as they can present facts to the judge for a quick resolution.  

5.    Divorce and Infidelity Investigations

The primary reasons for divorce are lack of commitment, followed by infidelity. Most divorce cases can take too long to be resolved as there is no specific proof of a spouse’s infidelity.

A private detective uses innovative technology, equipment, and various techniques to catch a cheating spouse. This evidence is collected and presented in court, making the case easier to solve.

A spouse may also conceal their assets to reduce their child support or spousal obligations. Again, a detective will track their movement of assets and try to find undisclosed assets to make sure financial arrangements are fairly agreed upon during divorce.

6.    Child Custody Disputes

Child custody cases can be stressful for parents, especially when the spouse is not capable of having custody of their child. Hence, a private detective will collect facts and proof of the inappropriate activities or living environment of the spouse who is claiming child custody.

This is presented in court with evidence of how unhealthy the child’s upbringing can be, so the rightful parent is given custody of the child. 

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