Steps to Get Administrative Jobs in Sydney

Administrative Jobs in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most sought-after cities in Australia. It is known for its beaches, food, iconic landmarks, colonial history, and wildlife. Many people from around the globe visit Sydney, and many of them travel for jobs. There are many job opportunities, and admin jobs in Sydney are most popular because of a promising career ahead.

Administrative or admin jobs are very lucrative ones, and they can serve as a stepping stone to many other senior roles in management and administration. There is no shortage of vacancies in this region, and to get one, you need to have the required skills.

Administrative workers provide support to an organization. Their work might include general office management, answering phones, assisting an employer, speaking with clients, clerical work (maintaining records and entering data), and a variety of other tasks. Getting an admin job involves many steps and a sleek resume to impress the recruiter. You must learn specific skills and qualifications to apply for this job. Improving your knowledge and preparing for the interview questions are also helpful for getting an admin job.

If you are looking for a similar job to excel in your career, this article will help you achieve your goal. Below are some more of the steps and practices you must do to improve your chances of getting a job in the administrative sector.

Higher School Certificate

The minimum qualification to get admin jobs in Sydney is high school graduation. This qualification is not just necessary for admin jobs, but most clerical jobs that require paperwork need this as a minimum qualification.

Bachelor’s degree or an Associate degree is an added advantage

A bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification will be an added advantage while applying for administrative jobs. People hiring for admin jobs are looking for candidates with degrees in business administration and related fields, which will put your resume on top.

Acquire skills

The next step is to have the required skills for the job, and if you haven’t been taught these skills in school or college, you can always learn through different mediums and courses. The necessary skills for an administrative job are:

  • Typing skills
  • Word processing
  • Knowledge about accounting applications
  • Understanding of task-specific software
  • Spreadsheets

These skills are the basic requirements for an administrative position.

Get your certifications

Admin assistants can boost their career scope by adding certifications to their resumes. You can get certified in specific computer programs or become a registered admin professional.

You can also learn to do fundamental accounting and inventory management techniques.

Get your experience

The best way to get some experience in this field is to become an intern in a startup or a business firm. You can also learn and practice things with your colleagues to help you understand and perform better in your future jobs.

Create a resume that catches the recruiter’s eye

Once you have acquired the skills and all the qualifications, you must learn to express it in the form of a curriculum vitae. A good resume will stand out from all the others. Nowadays, the human resource department uses software to scan and select a few from hundreds of resumes they receive daily; hence, ensure you put all the skills and keywords that the software looks for. Your resume will be shortlisted if you have specific keywords (related to the admin job) placed in the resume.

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