Essential Requirements for Starting a Beauty Salon

Starting a Beauty Salon

Before setting up any kind of business, it is important to conduct thorough research on the essential requirements that will enable you to operate smoothly. Knowing what you need will help in your planning and budgeting phase of the setup. Some of the major setbacks occur when you start a business without adequate knowledge regarding its operation. 

A beauty salon is a lucrative business to venture into but only if you are well-equipped to handle all your customers’ needs. To help you in this phase, we have put together this brief guide of the items you will need as you start your own beauty salon.

Permits and Licenses


Before you embark on making any  purchases for your beauty salon, ensure that you have obtained your business permit and all the licenses required by your state Department of Cosmetology. Most times it is a necessity for a representative to come and carry out an inspection of your premises to ascertain that it is upto the standards that have been set by the department. 

You are required to ensure that your salon is in compliance with different codes such as hygiene and electrical safety. Insurance is also a basic need for businesses nowadays and you will be asked to present your insurance documents during inspection.

Beauty Salon Furniture


When it comes to furniture in your salon, your clients comfort should be a major priority. This is a major selling point especially for high-end beauty salons. Customers come to a salon to just and relax as they get pampered. If they leave with their backs aching due to uncomfortable seats, they will not come back, that;s for sure. 

You can either buy your furniture locally or source from abroad, either way, do not compromise on quality. To make your salon lively and warm, you can mix up the colors of furniture to give it a lovely look. Some of the basic furniture pieces for a salon include;

  • Reception desk and chair: This is where the first impression is made so make sure you go all out on comfort and quality. The reception is where clients will also sit as they wait their turn so include a refreshment section with a few snacks and water bottles.
  • Salon chairs: This is where your clients will be sitting as they get their hair styled. Some procedures take several hours so you should ensure they are comfortable all through, add some footrests for maximum comfort. Include barbershop seats if you have a barber section.
  • Backwash units: Ensure that you customers don’t break their backs while having their hair washed by investing in cosy backwash units for your hair salon.
  • Retail stands: If you will be selling some cosmetic products, you probably need a stand to showcase them to your customers.

Hair and Beauty Supplies


This is the most important part of a beauty salon. You need to be aware of all the products that are required for different procedures in a salon. From hair stylish, to makeup, basically everything that pertains to hair and beauty. Customers will judge you by your products and their quality. Some essential beauty supplies include;

  • Hair styling products: Some of the basic products you can’t miss include hair color dyes, braids, different oils and sprays, shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, and sprays. 
  • Electrical supplies: These include hairdryers, straighteners, and curling equipment. 
  • Makeup and cosmetic products: Makeup can be an addition to your services. You need different makeup supplies such as foundations, powders, lipsticks, and primers. You can also include lash extensions as part of your package. Ensure you get your extensions from the best eyelash extension manufacturer.
  • Hygiene products: Do not forget the safety of your clients. Ensure that you adhere to the covid-19 safety protocols by installing hand sanitizing stations in your salon. You can keep a few masks in stock in case a customer needs a fresh one.

Salon Staff


You cannot operate a business salon by yourself. You need different professionals to assist in different procedures. You can actually start a beauty salon even if you are not a beauty technician yourself. When looking for your salon employees, ensure that you conduct thorough interviews, both verbal and practical so you can employ the best personalities and skills. You do not want a skilled but arrogant hairdresser, your customers will not like that. 

Look for bubbly and friendly individuals as this is a hospitality business. You can also look for marketing and sales staff to help you market and sell your products and services. Most salon employees are paid on commission so you do not have to worry about having a payroll. They earn from what they put into the business.


Like any other business, a beauty salon requires effort and determination. Start with vigor and ensure that you maintain the same throughout your business. Clients notice reluctance and they can jump ship anytime if they are not happy with your services anymore. Most people give thor all at the beginning but start making compromises somewhere in between. Ensure that you are friendly to both your clients and your staff; this waym everybody is happy. Good luck in your new venture and hope this piece has given you an insight on where to begin.

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