Right Way To Mention Achievements And Skill In Resume


Resumes are what make or break our chances of getting into an institution. A lot of us remain confused when preparing our resume which is why we end up making a lot of mistakes and that makes the resume not so presentable and can reduce your chances of selection. There are so many reasons why it is important to have a well-built resume. However, the most important part of the resume is the section that deals with skills and achievement and a lot of people get it completely wrong.

What Are The Sources Of Gathering Skills?

In order to mention skills in your resume, you must possess them from places like volunteer work, high school experience, internships, current college experience and other non-relevant work experience. These are the areas from where you can gather these skills and then use them in whichever industry you wish to work. You have to search for the right opportunity and grab it.

A skill section is a place where you use all the learnings from all of your past experiences and put them in a place that will help you get more relevant and bigger opportunities. This also helps the employer know that you know what skill set is required and that you possess it.

What Should Not Be Mentioned Under the Skills Section?

There are a lot of mistakes that people make when dealing with the skills. They tend to mention skills that are irrelevant like mentioning skills as positive attitude, critical thinking, team player, leadership skills as well as interpersonal skills. You should be mentioning all the good and relevant skills that they have mentioned in their job description.

What Are The Right Skills?

We can divide it into hard and soft skills. Hard skills include ideation leadership, scrum, and forecasting. Product design, product validation and iteration, UX, etc and the soft skills include any experience like showing strong collaboration as well as interpersonal skills as a member of a team when working with a small SaaS, etc.

This is how the skills should be mentioned. They should first be very sure that you mention hard skills even if you are not able to mention soft skills. This is because of the fact that hard skills are hard to find and seem more relevant to the employer. You can also ease it down, and divide the hard skills into technical skills based on cost analysis, and product design as well as project management and also technology-based like QuickBooks, faxes, oracle, Trello, slack, Microsoft suite, etc.

These are two types of hard skills that should be there on your resume if any. Always remember that your hard skills come first and then only your soft skills come. Now, the soft skills have to be there too but they should be written in a more subtle manner and this is because they should be written in a way that everyone is able to believe and also feel that there has been a practical implication of The soft skills need to be there to show that you possess the certain skill and you were able to pull it off well when it was required.

Soft skills are also an important section and must be done right because this makes the skill set you have mentioned more possible and practical. Just mentioning vague things won’t help because there would be nothing to back it up or to actually use it in real life for the employer to see. The entire resume is based on the skills and achievement section done right. There are a lot of soft skills that you can mention including –

  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Decision making
  • Time management
  • Problem-solvingng
  • Critical thinking
  • Interpersonal/ communication
  • Management
  • Analytical
  • Presentation
  • Positive attitude
  • Organization
  • Oral as well as written communication
  • Strong morals

What To Write Under Achievements?

This is a section to flaunt yourself and your achievements. You can mention every existing but professional under this section of your resume. There are literally so many things that you might have achieved or very little. However, all of it depends on you but when you are writing your achievemnet section, you can write all of them without any worries. However, it is important that you take care that you mention all relevant ones first and you must them. Do not forget to put them because if you don’t put them then the employer will not know that you are very much capable.

The achievements that are relevant if put the show and build confidence. The employer feels that he/she can trust you and you will stand tall on that trust without any doubts. There are so many people who have so many relevant achievements but they forget to put them. This could happen because of a lot of reasons including not considering them worthy enough. Remember, small or big, every achievement is an achievement and it counts.

The next time you rebuild your resume or help anyone else, you should know what to include and what to exclude from the skills section as well as the achievement section of the resume. A lot of corporate businesses consider resumes first even before the interview and only if they like the resume, do they call for an interview which means that your resume has to be really strong for you to receive an interview call. Therefore, take and give some time to your resume building and then consider all the tips that are given here and then formulate it. Remember, you can use some resume builder which will help you to build resumes easily and also effectively. They build great ones and are easy to handle and operate. There are just details that you have to fill and it automatically arranges them for you and also gives you suggestions on relevant skills that can be added or deducted and all other necessary changes or additions that can be done. Thus, you can always take their help.

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