Top 6 Restaurant in Lahore to Try Chicken Mapo Tofu in Lahore

Chicken Mapo Tofu in Lahore

Mapo tofu is a traditional Chinese dish that is popular across Pakistan. It’s soothing, visually appealing, and delicious. Mapo tofu can be made in a variety of ways: spicy, mellow, greasy, lean, chunky, or smooth. Medium-firm silken tofu is cooked with fermented bean paste, beef, enough of red-hot roasted Chili oil, and a handful of Sichuan peppercorns to make mapo tofu.

When done correctly, the dish will have a thick layer of hot chilli oil on top, which will keep the contents below hot in both meanings of the term. It’s a fantastic portrayal of the málà taste, which is spicy and numbing. This mouthwatering dish can easily be found just by typing Mapo Tofu near me on the search bar and you won’t regret what you ate. We have a list of restaurants to try Chicken Mapo Tofu in Lahore. 

The Wok 

This restaurant clearly excels in the culinary arts, as seen by its ever-increasing popularity in Lahore. With the most competitive crew and unrivalled food, the wok will offer you the feel of an international restaurant. On the menu are some of the top items that will undoubtedly provide you with an entirely new experience.

However, if you’re seeking to save money, this location might not be the greatest option. The wok top Chinese restaurant, because to its wonderful food and welcoming atmosphere. It is a must-try not only for residents but also for visitors!


Taipan is the greatest Chinese food and a wide range of continental cuisines are presented to perfection. La Chine has been serving consumers since 2016, and many foodies consider it to be their first choice.

In addition to delicious Chinese cuisine, the restaurant also provides some of Lahore’s greatest steaks, making it a one-stop shop for everyone. If you want to spend some quality time with your friends and family, Taipan is the best place to go.

Taipan’s cuisine quality and flavor are unquestionably excellent. The pleasant ambiance, in addition to the delicious cuisine, will undoubtedly provide you with an unforgettable experience! 

Mandarin Kitchen 

Mandarin Kitchen a local favorite, is unquestionably one of Lahore’s top Chinese eateries. From soups to scrumptious appetizers and main meal selections, the restaurant has it all. Everything on the menu is given and made with the original Chinese menu and authentic Chinese cuisine in mind.

There is no reason to say no to this location. This restaurant’s food and décor are among the best in the world. They’re virtually everything you’d expect from a fine dining establishment. It’s not a good idea to miss out on Mandarin Kitchen. 

Bamboo Union 

Just type Mapo Tofu near me and Bamboo Union will be there to satisfy your cravings. If you are actually in mood of exiting your taste buds head off to Bamboo union and order Chicken Mapo tofu. In Lahore, there is a cutting-edge Chinese and Thai eatery serves delectable and exceptional Chinese cuisine and arrangements.

The basic interior, ambience, food significance, and facility, in addition to the rest of it, are all great. Customers will be enticed to order more of Chicken Mapo Tofu juicy slurry brown spaghetti, Teriyaki chicken, Tom Yum soup, and prawns.

P.F Chang’s

Only the first-born Chinese dining establishment in Lahore still exists, serving the greatest inventive Chinese cuisine with a Pakistani twist. In the Chinese area, is where you’ll find this Chinese eatery.

This Chinese restaurant has made a reputation for itself in the field of Pan Asian cuisine. This residence is appreciated by locals as well as everyone who like Chinese cuisine. The P.F Chang’s boasts an extensive as well as thought-provoking set menu that no one can resist. 

Mei Kong 

Mei Kong is one of Lahore’s most aesthetically pleasing Chinese restaurants. This eatery, which boasts a remarkably lovely ambiance, is ideal for impromptu public gatherings as well as appropriate get-togethers. Mei Kong stays in a restaurant where people must go if they want to experience Grade a Chinese cuisine. The sous-chefs here favor the use of dependable ingredients, however when cooking, they do not follow the same Chinese culinary techniques. 

Mapo Tofu has taken on many various forms as restaurants and takeaway shops have put their own stamp on it, typically reducing the spice levels, adding new veggies, and completely changing the dish!

But now you can get the authentic taste of this amazing dish just by typing Mapo Tofu near me and Bamboo Union will be the one to serve it first. Out of all the restaurants the best chicken mapo tofu is made by Bamboo Union as they have hundreds of customers demanding for this dish in bulk.

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