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Top 6 Tips for First-time Parents

First-time Parents

Building a family is one of the things that we want in life. First, you find a partner, get married, and become parents. However, as easy as it may sound, building a family and raising a child is no easy task. You will have to go through a lot to raise your baby and it can be exceptionally difficult, especially when it’s your first time parenting.

Here are the top 6 tips for parenting for first-time parents.


After having your first newborn child, you should ask experts and doctors around you about taking care of the baby. This includes maintenance, vitamins, and other basic care procedures for the baby.

These experts, such as nurses, will teach you how to nurse the baby properly. The baby’s crying and wailing can also test your patience so remember to ask people you know who already have experience so that you will know how to deal with your baby.


Handle The Baby Properly

It’s your first time having a baby and you probably don’t know how to handle them yet. They have a very fragile and delicate body which might make you a bit hesitant to hold them and find a nanny to do it instead.

However, you don’t need to do that. You can hold the baby in your own arms with these tips.  Sanitize your hands. The skin of a baby is very delicate and can be prone to bacteria if you don’t clean and wash your hands. Remember, their immune system is not fully developed yet.

Secure the head and neck of your baby. Again, the baby’s body parts are still extremely fragile so you will have to hold their neck and head securely. 

Do not ever shake the baby or do rough motions no matter what the circumstance is. It will lead to brain hemorrhage and worse, death. 

Soothe the baby by caressing them softly. Bonding or spending quality time with them will aid in the baby’s emotional growth.

Changing diapers is one of the things you have to learn as well. A baby changes diapers an average of 10 times or so a day. Use wipes, cotton balls, and water to wipe them gently. Wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning up.

Your baby needs a bath from time to time too! Give them a bath two to three times a week to avoid dryness in their skin. Wash them with mild baby shampoo and soap. Gently dry them by patting their wet skin with a towel after the bath.

Also, feed your baby every two or three hours to keep them full and healthy! Or get breast pump to express milk so you can store and feed your baby. However if you decided to feed your baby with formula, make sure to provide golden standard organic baby formula such as HiPP HA 2.


Get Your Baby Supplies Ready

There are many things a baby would need. A cradle, a stroller, a bouncer, and other equipment will be needed to provide your baby with sufficient comfort. A baby needs to be pampered with comfort and needs to keep them happy all the time so get those supplies ready!

River Baby provides world-class supplies for babies. They manufacture their products according to how you’d like them to be.

You can also keep your baby entertained with an aquarium! The sight of fishes swimming in the clear waters can be very pleasing to the feeling. Filter media aquarium will help you keep your aquarium clean and clear.


Do Not Neglect Your Mental and Physical Health 

You may be too immersed in taking care of your baby to the extent that you neglect your own health.

Be sure to eat and sleep properly to condition your body into taking care of your baby. A baby wakes up every 2 to  4 hours so your night sleep may be disrupted. Take turns with your partner when tending to the baby to make sure that you still get that quality sleep. 

Remember also to take time for yourself and your partner. It will keep your relationship healthy and happy while giving attention to your health at the same time.

If you take some time off with your partner, make sure that your baby will be safe with proper security, especially when you leave them with a nanny. Locks and pins are given but you can also try fingerprint safes to keep your belongings secure as well.


Seek Help

You need to find and ask for help from people you know to take some time off. You can ask your parents, siblings, or friends to take care of your baby for a moment and spend quality time with your partner and with yourself.

Your parents are your number one option when it comes to taking care of your baby because they have already gone through the hardships of raising a child.

Your parents will also be surely delighted to see their grandchild and your baby will also be able to familiarize and bond with other members of your family.


Go Easy On Yourself

Do not expect that you will be a perfect parent right off the bat. It takes time to adjust and learn the ways of parenting.

Do not set the standards so high at first because you will feel pressured and get tired of it early. It is very difficult and tiring but seeing the joy of your baby makes all of your hard work worth it. 



You are now ready to raise a child with these tips. Set your eyes to the future and embark on a new journey with your loved ones.

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