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What’s the big deal about rapid fashion?

rapid fashion

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The notion of rapid fashion was born at the dawn of the twenty-first century. Between 2000 and 2014, the quantity of garments manufactured more than doubled. Consumers will get hooked to shopping if they have the ability to regularly renew their image without spending a lot of money. As a consequence, compared to two decades ago, the quantity of clothing purchased has surged by 400 percent. The fashion cycle used to be dictated by natural seasons (spring/summer, afterlife/stoppage), but today it is feasible to have 50 collections at once. Zara, for example, releases a new collection every two weeks, while H&M used to do it every a week.

Let us examine the two universalities of fashion consumption and what can be done about them.

Clothing quick burning items have had a big influence on the worldwide pollution issue due to rapid burning consumption. These garments were eventually burnt or buried in the earth. Both are unsustainable, and they will contaminate the environment. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates that one truckload of fabric is wasted every second.

According to British research, individuals toss away an item ordered by the public after wearing it 7-8 times on average. Fading and certain damage cannot be fixed often due to low quality.

Fast fashion is renowned for exploiting employees in addition to using a lot of water and emitting toxins. Low population inflows and a range of health issues plague poor Asian nation

Slowing down food is a similar concept. The slow fashion movement was developed to counteract the negative impacts of rapid fashion and to reintroduce the concepts of high quality, environmental stewardship, and worker friendliness. Slow fashion clothing has a lot of manual/introductory input and is vintage and archaic.

Slow fashion vs. fast fashion

Fast fashion is not the same as slow fashion. It is made using high-quality materials to ensure that the garment lasts as long as possible. In general, it employs natural fibers that are typically biodegradable, and its cost ensures that employees have excellent working circumstances.

Slow fashion encapsulates the core of the industry, and there are multiple seasons that correspond to the calendar. Fast fashion, on the other hand, refers to low-quality genuine items created to fulfill widespread public demand.

The first guideline is to purposefully consume cheap costs, trade garments with musketeers, and invest in long-lasting quality (classic sweater wholesale, never-out-of-style sweaters!).

If you operate a store, you can select from a variety of classic designs, such as wholesale crew neck sweaters, and work with a reputable clothes wholesaler. It strikes a fair balance between quality and price while also prolonging the clothing’s life cycle.

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