Turkish Visa Application: How to Get Turkey Visa and Its Types?

Turkey Visa

Turkey is a Muslim European country that has a history and is a land to a lot of different dynasties. A lot of tourists visit Turkey to visit historical places, mosques, to enjoy cultural events, to study, to start a new business, and for getting health facilities as well.

Because Turkey is a European country, you can apply for a Turkey visa online. Citizens of Austria, Belgium, Malta, Croatia, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom can enjoy visa-free entry into Turkey.

Who Needs a Visa for Turkey

Most of the countries in Europe are visa-exempt countries for Turkey. A few names are mentioned above which are not required a Turkey visa to visit Turkey.

People from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India would like to visit Turkey. Most Muslims from these countries are interested in visiting Turkey because of the Islamic history of Turkey. Check these historical places to visit in Turkey.

Citizens from all these countries and most of the countries out of Europe need a visa to visit Turkey.

Type of Turkish Visa

When you apply for a Turkish visa, you need to know what type of visa you need. You need to apply for the right type of visa that explains your purpose to visit Turkey. You can’t do business in Turkey if you are on a tourist visa.

Here are different types of Turkish visas:

  • Turkish Business Visa: If you want to visit Turkey to start a new business or to extend your existing business to Turkey, or you want to attend a business meeting in Turkey, you need to apply for a Turkish business visa.
  • Turkish Education/Student Visa: If you want to continue your education and want to get admission in any college or university of Turkey, you have to apply for an education visa or student visa. If you want to participate in an educational conference or an education tour, a Turkish education visa is the right option.
  • Turkey Work Visa: If you are looking for employment in Turkey and want to work there, then you need a Turkish work visa.
  • Turkish Tourist Visa: If you want to explore Turkey and its historical places, buildings, cities, then a tourist visa is required for the tourists.

Turkish Visa Application

The process of getting a Turkish visa is not difficult or complicated. It is super easy to get a Turkish visa for any purpose. You need to get your Turkey visa application and fill it out for getting your visa.

Here is a process to complete your Turkish visa application:

  • Figure it out what type of Turkish visa you need
  • Make sure that it is the right time to get a Turkey visa
  • Get your Turkey visa application online
  • Collect required documents
  • Fill out your visa application form with the accurate details
  • Attach your verified documents
  • Submit the application online or in a Turkish Embessay near you
  • Now, wait for visa application processing

For more information, you can contact the Turkey embassy, or you can get help online from the official website of the Turkish government.

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