What a Transcription Service Can Do for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The business industry continues to undergo a lot of changes as technology continues to advance. Business people have moved from traditional business operations to digital ones.

Marketing is the backbone of every business. A business cannot thrive minus the market. Marketing help you get connected to your customers who use your products and services. Transcription plays an essential role in the digital marketing of a business. It involves transforming the video or audio into a written context. That helps meet the needs of different customers as not everyone enjoys watching or listening to videos. Some prefer reading.
The following are what transcription services can do for your business’s digital marketing.

Online visibility

Search engine optimization is one of the most important ways of marketing your business. One of the benefits of transcription to business marketing is that it increases its online visibility. That makes it seen by many people, which is the aim of every business.

When you upload a video or audio to the web, your text lack Meta description and is also limited to a title. That puts a limit on making your text count. That means if you search it with search engine optimization, it will not be among the top ones, and that makes it difficult to be found by clients.

Attaching a transcription to your video or audio adds SEO-friendly keywords to your text so long as you have written an adequate transcript. That makes it visible to most of the clients.


One of the benefits of transcription is the accessibility it gives people with hearing problems. Business people who only upload audio and videos do not care for such people. That limits the accessibility of your content to such a group of people.

Hearing problem is common, and business people mainly ignore this. According to research done by Gallaudet Research Institute, about 140 in every one thousand people have a hearing impairment. If you are a business owner, you can imagine the number of potential customers you lose by not uploading your video or an audio transcription. If such a potential customer is not catered for, they will not access your content.

Marketing transcription services will make your content be accessed by everyone, which will increase traffic to your business. If you find it challenging to transcript your audio, it is good to identify the problem with it to help improve the experience and understandability. Ensure you do quality assurance to your content before transcription.


Transcribed content makes it to be dependent on other creative uses. By transcribing your content, you increase its chances of zeroing in on noteworthy quotes and points. That may make engaging graphics for social media.

Every business will want its content to reach as many customers as possible. Transcribing your content gives you more ways of sharing it across the different online platforms. Transcription can assist you in creating promotional materials that give direction to your audience on the source.

Ease of use

Transcribed content is not only beneficial to people with hearing problems. It also makes your customers get the most out of your content. That is because it makes it faster and easier to use.

Customers always like getting engaged in something easy to use. That is because they lack the patience to keep waiting for long. They prefer something that quickly grabs their attention. Transcribe content makes the customers find what they are looking for within a short time. That can help you attract more people to your business.


Translating your content makes it reach a broad geographical audience. Remember, you are not creating your content for only people in your locality or country.

Transcription makes it easier to translate your content into different languages.
For example, someone who may not click on your audio or video because they are not in their language. That will automatically make you lose many clients that would help grow the tour business. That is where multi-lingual transcriber comes in. They can translate your content into any language while paying attention to cultural differences.


As technology advances, every business person has no option but to adopt the digital ways of marketing their bus if they want a broader market. Transcription has helped many businesses to achieve that. You can also consider implementing it in your business.

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