What is a pdf editor online?

pdf editor online

In today’s time, the world is changing to everyday innovation and change in technology. So does our work. You can see how the world changed after the pandemic. For nearly 2 years, everything was shut down, but our work didn’t stop.

All people have shifted towards an online mode, whether it’s school, colleges, or office work. And then started our work. We have to give loads of assignments and projects every day, and all of this was made possible by a PDF. For any correction and change, the pdf editor online helped us complete our tasks on time and saved us from submitting our work on time.

pdf editor online is available for free now. You can do many things on there and they have even added many new features and updated their site so that you can work effortlessly. This is the only site to give you many options.

Amazing features of the PDF editor online-

When you have a reliable PDF editor, you can make many changes to the documents. As an example, you can adjust the content, change its layout, and also change its margin. And in a PDF, you don’t have any need for a word processor or any other software to change your documents.

What will you do if you have a hard copy but not a soft one? Don’t worry, we got you. This PDF editor can scan your hard file document by using the OCR technology that will help in converting the written image into digital text.

When you have the PDF, do you want to change it to other formats? Don’t worry, we got you. With the help of a reliable PDF editor online, you will be able to export your PDF into many things, such as presentation software, word processing, your image files, and many more. Only select the best editor for your work.

You can collaborate with your colleagues or your friends and work on the same document and make changes to it.

A reliable PDF editor can also make changes to an old PDF, such as changing the order of pages or combining two PDFs together in order to make a new file.

You can also create a PDF form with a good PDF editor. All you have to do is click on the given buttons and fill out the form and distribute it. You can also have access to PDF forms from a database which collects the submitted data.

You can enhance your documents with features like watermarks, headers and footers, stamps, and many more. You can make all the changes in one PDF editor.

You can also digitally mark your signatures on the PDF in case of any emergency. This feature was recently added to it. This helps you to complete your task faster and easily.

Protection is the first thing anybody should have. Protect all your documents and make sure that they will not be in someone’s bad hands.

Important Steps to remember-

When you have to upload the files

Your files are safe as long as they have a secured connection. And after processing them, they can be deleted permanently.

Click on the upload button and select your files on your computer. You can also drag and drop it into the files section.

Files in drop box and Google drive

You can also select your PDF files from Google Drive and Drop Box.

Select the files and go to the upload option.

Adding text and typing in the PDF

The process is very easy. You just have to keep an eye on the text tool option and select it, then click on the PDF to write your text.

You can also add images to your PDF files

Click on the menu from there. You will find a new image option. You can choose the image from there and add the image to your PDF file. The image can be easily dragged into the PDF and you can change the size of it.

You can also whiteout some errors in PDF’s

You can cover the part you want to hide and place it over your text with a white rectangle sheet. And then your hard work will vanish.

How to add shapes in a PDF

You have to click on the shape tool menu option and then you can add shapes of your choice.

You can also add links in your PDF and also edit them

You have to add the website’s URL to the given text. And also, you can edit it in the same way. Only use secure links.

How do you get your signature on the documents?

Select the document or file in which you want to have your signature. Click on the upload option to choose the file of your choice.

You can create the signature by clicking on the sign and adding the signature option.

There are also 3 steps to do it.

1.You can type your name.

2. You can also draw your sign with the help of a mouse and other things.

3.You can also upload your own sign image.

You can have your own signature by just typing your name and then selecting 10 different handwriting styles from which you can choose any of them.

How to enable typing in a PDF

You have to select your PDF file, then click on the upload option to choose it.

Enable the texting option on your PDF file, select the text tool option, and you are good to go.

If you want to save the changes that you made, click on the “apply changes option, then after the changes that you made, download and save it.

How to edit a PDF on your MacBook

You can edit in the browser of your Mac by using the reliable edit pdf online, first you have to open the PDF editor on your Safari browser or any other based on your preference. From that PDF editor, you can also have the option of an offline mac editor. Download it and then you can also edit it offline if needed.

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