5 Features Of 5g Phone That Make Everyone Love It.

5g Phone

As mobile technology continues to evolve, the 5G revolution is picking up momentum in India. The rage for 5G handsets has spiked in 2021, and many users are opting for 5G mobiles.  This trend is evident in the wake of the rising confidence about the 5G network going live in the country and the increased affordability with 5G mobiles. 

But what makes mobile 5G preferred? What are some of the reasons users have gravitated to 5G mobiles? The below article will emphasize the five features of 5G phones that make everyone love them.

5G phones offer higher download speeds

5G promises to be up to 100 times faster than the current 4G LTE technology, thereby making it an absolute boon for the young, tech-savvy population who rely on mobile phones for just about everything. Given the increase in data consumption by mobile users, having a 5G phone which can download movies and files in a matter of seconds will give users the much-needed productivity boost.

OPPO was one of the first brands to launch the most affordable 5G mobiles in India, and the OPPO A53s features in the top 10 mobiles under 20,000. Backed with a humongous memory, this latest 5G phone will allow you not only the bliss of downloading movies and data at lightning speed but also ample storage.

5G offers more accessibility in remote locations

How often have you felt disconnected from the outside world when you were holidaying in a remote location or visiting a place with low network reception? The 5G network is specifically designed to provide much more network capacity by expanding into new spectrums, ensuring you can enjoy more explicit voice calls and improved signal strength even in the most remote locations. 

Realme 8 is one of the top 10 mobile phones under 20,000, which supports the latest 5G dual-SIM, dual-standby technology and is compatible with SA/NSA standards and mainstream bands worldwide. That could lead to video calls with pin-sharp resolution and minimal image buffering while streaming online media.

Higher network capacity

Another huge benefit of 5G is its improved capacity. While 4G can predominantly operate using lower frequency bands, 5G works using three different spectrum bands. The larger bandwidths utilized means there is greater capacity for data to travel through with reduced lagging despite being in a busy area or at a big event. 

The Redmi Note 10 5G is touted as one of the top 10 mobiles under 20,000 in India and allows you to enjoy super-fast gaming and video calls without any lags because of the dual-SIM, dual-standby technology.

5G offers a more harmonious ecosystem

Unlike 4G, 5G networks are meticulously designed to cater to more than just smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. For instance, the Smart Cities initiative will combine the superior prowess of 5G to everything ranging from healthcare to agriculture and automobiles using the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. A 5G mobile will enable you to harness this capability and stay ahead in this technological era.

5G phones come with better specifications and futuristic features

Since 5G is the most upcoming trend in mobile phones, 5G phones offer an edge over their 4G counterparts in terms of powerful processors, better battery life and more RAM. Since these phones are designed for the future, they come with 5G compatibility and offer users a host of advanced features and specifications.

The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G, at a starting price under 20,000, comes with 11 band support that gives you smoother access to 5G networks than other phones. That apart, this comes loaded with the latest Android v11, a 6.6. inch Infinity V-display with 90Hz refresh rate, Dimensity 700 5G (7nm) processor besides flaunting a 48 MP triple camera configuration on the rear side and a massive 5000mAh battery.

To conclude,

5G is the future of mobile technology, so it’s no surprise that a 5G-ready phone will future-proof your purchase for years to come. Keeping the hype aside, if you are leaning towards a new 5G phone, you no longer need to be concerned about affordability since mobiles under 20000 come with 5G connectivity and top-class features. Go ahead and treat yourself to a new 5G handset.

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