What is the best way to obtain gold and silver in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark

The game Lost Ark gold shop contains a plethora of currencies, each with its own value and rarity, but none are used as frequently as Gold and Silver. So, how do we go about obtaining them, and what exactly do they serve as a tool for? Let’s take a look and see!

Quests for Gold Income and Guide Quests
Gold is arguably the most sought-after currency in the game, and it is also the most expensive
Amounts earned can be spent on almost any item you desire through the use of the in-game Auction House. This includes cosmetic items such as skins and equipment as well as upgrading materials and life skill items. It can also be used to purchase recipes for engraving and consumables. It also has a significant impact on your gear progression throughout the game’s various stages.

During the leveling process, there are a number of yellow and purple quests that, when completed, award Gold. After reaching level 50, new Guide and Island Quests will become available, which will contribute to the income even more. These quests can be completed by multiple characters at the same time.
On weekdays and weekends, you can participate in these special Island events by using your Procyon’s Eye Compass to gain access to them once a day. When you complete these quests, you may receive gold as a reward, and the amount you receive is determined by your item level and your performance during the event itself.

Dungeon of Chaos
As a reward for defeating the stage 2 boss, you will have the opportunity to spawn one of two special portals (Yellow or Purple). Upon completion, these contain gold as well as a variety of other materials, depending on the boss that is contained within them. The amount of Gold you receive is determined by the difficulty level of your Chaos Dungeon run.also read about เมก้าเกมส์
Abyssal Dungeons is a game developed by the company Abyssal Dungeons
After clearing Abyssal Dungeons, you will receive Gold as a reward for your efforts on the adventure. It can be obtained on each of your characters once a week by following the instructions.
Una’s Token Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange run by Una
Performing your Una’s Daily and Weekly tasks helps you earn points that can be redeemed for Una’s Tokens. One hundred and eighty of these tokens can be exchanged for Hefty Gold Sacks at City Gold Merchants, which can be found in every major city. If you’re lucky, you might be able to snag some extra Thin and Thick Gold Bars worth 100 and 1,000 Gold from these bags.
Guild vs Guild competitions are a source of pride
A large amount of Gold is awarded to the winning Guild in Guild versus Guild competitions held on specific islands that can be occupied every Saturday. Depending on your Guild’s placement, you will receive a large amount of Gold that can be distributed by your Guild Leader. For more information on how it works, please see our Lost Ark Super Express Mission.

Cooperative Sea Missions (Cooperative Sea Missions)
By participating in Cooperative Sea Mission events, you have a chance to earn Keys of Balance and Keys of Wisdom, which are useful items in the game.
These provide access to a special event taking place in the ocean during specific hours of the day. As soon as you’ve completed this event, you’ll be able to spend your keys on opening a chest, where you’ll have a low chance of finding Secret Maps, which will reward you with a significant amount of Gold if you manage to locate the marked location in the sea.

  • Artistic Masterpieces can be exchanged for Artist’s Treasure Chest at an NPC on Sunflower Island, which is located in the Masterpiece Collection
  • In our Masterpiece Guide, you can learn more about each of them

The Island Provides Benefits
Numerous islands offer a one-time gold reward for completing their story quest or completing an Una’s Task related job on their respective islands. In our Island Tool, you can learn more about which islands are suitable for this, as well as where exactly it can be done.

Having a good relationship is important
Certain NPCs will reward you with Gold if you achieve specific levels of affection for them. This is a one-time reward that, depending on which NPC you choose to focus on, can be extremely time-consuming to obtain.

Trading at auction houses
Items such as Upgrade Materials, Life Skill related items, Engraving Recipes, accessories, Ability Stones, and much more can be sold on the Auction House if they are no longer needed by your character or if they are no longer bound to you. Understanding the worth of the items you come across can help you earn a substantial amount of Gold.

Silver is a precious metal

The majority of NPC interactions require Silver as payment, with the exception of Gear Honing, which requires the use of multiple currencies at the same time. Here are a few examples of common expenditures:

Quests for Silver Income
Regular missions, as well as World, Main, Zone, and Chain Quests, will provide you with small to medium amounts of Silver as you progress through the ranks to level 50 and beyond. Even if it isn’t anything outrageous, it can add up if you enjoy leveling up multiple characters.

  • Rapport Ancient Gold Coins are a one-time reward given out by various Rapport NPCs throughout the world in exchange for reaching specific levels of affection
  • This can provide a significant boost to your Silver income in the early stages
  • Chaos Dungeons are a type of dungeon that exists in a state of chaos

This is one of your daily endgame activities that will reward you with a significant amount of Silver if completed successfully. The amount of money you earn is determined by the tier of the Chaos Dungeon you enter. When you defeat the stage 2 boss, you will have a chance to spawn one of two special portals (Gold or Purple), each of which will reward you with extra Silver if you complete them. Take note that Chaos Dungeons can be re-run an unlimited number of times, but runs completed without the use of an Aura of Resonance only award Silver at the end of the dungeon, as opposed to your two daily entries, which award Silver at various points throughout the dungeon.

Una’s Routine Activities
Many of the daily quests in Lost Ark gold shop reward Silver not only for completing them, but also for progressing through the various stages of the game. Lopang Island is dedicated to Una’s tasks that are geared toward obtaining Silver, and it is the most efficient way to farm Silver in the game at the moment. Complete the yellow quests on this island in order to gain access to these tasks.

If you have a choice, you should always go with Shushire, Vern, and Arthetine. Due to the fact that Una’s task rewards are not limited to a single character, you can repeat this process on all of your alt characters on a consistent basis. It should be noted that characters who still require progression-related rewards should prioritize completing those first.

Una’s Weekly To-Do List
Similar to daily tasks, but you are only allowed to choose three tasks per character per week, as opposed to the unlimited number of daily tasks. The options for Silver here are the Chaos dungeon, the Cube, and the completion of Life skill levels.
Cube contains content that can be accessed through the use of an Entrance Ticket:

  • The Cube obtained by killing the second stage boss in Chaos Dungeons, as well as the Entrance Ticket Chest (Vern) purchased from the Guild Exchange Vendor, were both used to craft this item
  • The amount of Silver you receive is determined by how far you progress through the dungeon; it may also contain special rooms that award additional Silver to the player

Transfusion of Sylmael Bloodstone
It is a form of currency that can be earned by completing Guild-related tasks and can be exchanged for Siege Silver Chests at a Guild Exchange Vendor that can be found in any major city.
These chests have a weekly limit of six, and they are not exclusive to a single character or group of characters.

Islands of adversity
On weekdays and weekends, you can participate in these special Island events by using your Procyon’s Eye Compass to gain access to them once a day.  An extremely large amount of Silver is one of the possible rewards for completing this task.

Exchange of gold for silver
Please read the following disclaimer: This is by far the worst method of obtaining Silver, and we strongly discourage you from using it. City Gold Merchants in major cities provide Gold to Silver exchanges at extremely high commission rates. This should only be used by the most wealthy individuals in the world of Lost Ark.

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