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Who Is Nikki Majors? Know Everything About Her!

Who Is Nikki Majors?

In case you know nothing about Nikki Majors let us tell you something. Nikki Majors is a female professional pool player from Arkansas, USA.

One of the most beautiful and talented player among all ladies, she is amazingly popular and widely known. Nikki Majors has her own website and blog family where she shares videos, news and other information about herself, pool and billiards.

“Stunning Nikki” is an American model who has managed to gain a lot of exposure in the world of glamour, thanks to her spectacular body and incredible looks.

When she was only 18 years old, this beautiful girl decided that she would like to dedicate herself fully to showing off her perfect curves in front of the cameras; immediately after finishing high school, Nikki said goodbye to school and hello to the world of erotic entertainment..

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In general you can see lots of photos from Billiards Tournaments on her websites. She also has a Facebook Fan Page with over 8 thousand fans. On this page you will feel the real atmosphere of billiards and enthusiasm for this sport.

If you haven’t seen any of her videos yet, check them out right now! You are about to see some really hot stuff!

It’s not a secret that she is dating professional pool player Mika Immonen . Check out their photos .

As far as we know Nikki Majors has won the World Series of Billiard events in 2006 and 2007. Nikki was playing with Mika Immonen each time, so it is natural to think that they won the tournament together. She plays 8-ball, 9-ball and other games against professional players like Stephanie Lee , Ralf Souquet and others.

To sum up, Nikki Majors is hot professional pool player with amazing talent for billiards game! She is lovely girl with great future in the world of sport. We wish her all the best!

Nikki Majors is a very talented and beautiful young lady. She is a fitness enthusiast as well as an Instagram star. Nikki majored in Mechanical Engineering but was born with the passion to become a YouTuber which she has already achieved gaining over 800,000 subscribers on her channel where she posts workout videos.

In order to make it big in social media, one must have a very attractive personality and Nikki has both. In one of her vines titled “Kung Fu Yoga” she is seen shaking her bum to the tune of the song Kung fu fighting by Carl Douglas.

She was born on 2nd September 1994 which makes her age 24 at this time. She stands tall with the height of 5 feet 5 inches which are around 1.65 meters. She uses both Twitter and Instagram to interact with her fans where she has gathered over 840,000 followers on her Instagram account and over 200,000 on Twitter.

In order to know more about Nikki, you can read her biography from various sources like wiki sites or other social media platforms. She is very much involved in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter where she uploads her recent pictures for fans. According to one of the reports, she was dating someone before but it didn’t work out.

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