15minutes4me: A Self-Help Program to Resolve Stress and Anxiety


15minutes4me: Stress and anxiety are some of the biggest health problems in the world today. These common mental illnesses are causing more stress than ever before, with the average person reporting that they feel stressed or anxious five days out of seven. Over a third of people say their anxiety and stress negatively impacts their daily lives.

With so many people feeling this way, it’s no surprise that there is an entire industry focused on treating these conditions. But what if there was a self-help program designed to tackle these issues? One where you could be your own therapist and work through your feelings at your own pace?

Join me on my journey to find out what 15minutes4me could bring to you!

What is 15minutes4me?


15minutes4me is a self-help program that teaches people how to relieve stress and anxiety without taking medication or going to a therapist. It is designed for those who can’t afford therapy, don’t have time to see a therapist, or don’t want the stigma of being in therapy.

The system involves completing 15 minute lessons on your own time, at your own pace. It provides videos, exercises, and content that teach you how to calm yourself down when you’re feeling anxious. You will learn how to build positive habits and remove negative ones that are causing your stress and anxiety problems.

The best part? The entire course is free! All of the lessons are available online so it’s accessible anywhere in the world.

Why it’s life changing

Many people struggle with anxiety and stress. It’s no surprise, then, that there are self-help programs designed to help those with these conditions. However, not all programs are created equal and some don’t necessarily offer the same benefits. 15minutes4me is one of the rare self-help programs that has been proven to help reduce your feelings of anxiety and stress.

The best part? The program can be done from the comfort of your own home. It can be completed at your own pace – meaning you don’t have to worry about missing work or taking time off work to attend therapy sessions. What’s more, it even works alongside other therapies to ensure you’re getting a holistic approach to dealing with your mental health.

This program is life changing and can provide a solution for anyone looking for an alternative way to reduce their stress levels. For anyone who’s been stuck in a rut due to poor mental health or is looking for a new way to get out of it, 15minutes4me is the answer!

How people can try it for themselves for free

The 15minutes4me program is free for anyone to try. The easiest way to get started is by signing up for their newsletter. You will be able to find out about the latest tips and tricks for tackling stress and anxiety, as well as receive a new mediation guide every single day.

Once you have subscribed, you will be sent a link to download the app onto your mobile device. You can then start practicing your daily meditations whenever you want!

The three steps to a healthy mind and body

Having a healthy body and mind starts with three steps. First, you need to commit to the process of self-care. Second, you need to take care of your physical health by eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Finally, you need to take care of your mental health by being mindful and avoiding harmful behaviors like alcohol or drugs.

The first step is the hardest because it requires a commitment from yourself—a commitment that might not feel easy at first. With 15minutes4me, I’ve made this commitment easier for you! We’ll walk together through tools that will help you build healthier habits so that you can be your own therapist with just minutes of time each day.

Release your stress

Feeling stressed or anxious is another big issue that people are facing today. Whether it’s about your job, your personal life, or everything you have going on in general, the constant pressure of stress can take a toll on your mental health. And when it does, anxiety and depression can result.

One way to release stress is through physical activity: exercising, running, hiking – anything that will get your heart rate up and help you work through those feelings. But not everyone has time for this sort of self-care and we want to make this option accessible to everyone. 15minutes4me is a self-help program designed to tackle these issues by providing quick but effective exercises and relaxation techniques. You can do this anywhere with no equipment needed!

It might sound too good to be true but there are so many benefits to doing these simple exercises every day.

Understand the past

The best way to understand yourself is to explore what makes you tick. It might be harder than it seems, but understanding the past will help you address your feelings and make changes for the future.

Sometimes when people feel anxious or stressed, they forget about their needs and desires. This program will help you see what’s been going on in your life that has caused these mental issues. You’ll get a better understanding of your past and how it impacted the present. With this information, you can start to create new plans for the future and find out where things went wrong in your life so that you can avoid them in the future.

Better relationships with others

A common symptom of stress and anxiety is feeling disconnected from others. You may find it hard to maintain relationships or trust in your own feelings.

This is where 15minutes4me can help you build better relationships with others. By working through your anxious thoughts, you’ll be able to make better connections with the world around you. Perhaps one of the most important reasons why this self-help program is valuable is because it gives you a space to work through your emotions without feeling judged or pressured by anyone else.

You will have time to process what’s happening in your life and learn how to take care of yourself without the pressure of other people getting in the way. This type of self-care can also make you feel more confident in social situations and help you form meaningful connections with others.


1. What is 15minutes4me? 15minutes4me is a self-help program with the goal of bringing you a healthier, more relaxed and confident life.

2. Why it’s life changing: When you know how to manage stress and anxiety, you can live a happier, healthier life.

3. How people can try it for themselves for free: Sign up to be a part of our community and get started!

4. The three steps to a healthy mind and body: The first step is to release your stress.

5. Release your stress: The second step is to understand the past.

6. Understand the past: The third step is to better relationships with others.

7. Better relationships with others: The fourth and final step is to strengthen your body.

8. Strengthen your body: As you do these four steps, you will be able to release your stress, understand the past, and have better relationships with others.

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