5 Tips to Help Improve Your Playing in Hockey

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Hockey is one of the most competitive sports played in the world. Hockey requires lots of training and consistency, which is what makes the sport so difficult. If you are an aspiring hockey player who wants to get good at the game, there are lots of things that you can do. You should Watch Live Hockey Games to improve your performance while enjoying the time. 

On top of that, here are some other tips that are going to help improve your playing and your performance on the field. 

Posture and Position

The very first and the most important part of becoming a good hockey player is to ensure that your body posture and position are optimal. Your posture determines the angle where you meet the ball. If your posture is all messed up, you will never be able to pick the ball and hit it.

While there are lots of hockey player that have an unorthodox playing posture, it doesn’t work for everybody. If you feel like a posture is not working for you, you might try to adjust it a little to your liking, but you will need ample training to go with it.

Eyes on the Bowl

The next part of playing is paying attention to the opponent. If you want to become the best hockey player, you have to follow the opponent and the ball till the very end instead of just swinging your hockey stick aimlessly and hope for the best. 

Being able to judge the swing of the ball is an important skill that all good batsmen have. If you observe the opponent long enough, you will be able to recognize slight differences in his action when he is about to change the variation of his delivery. Knowing such things beforehand gives you an edge and lets you play the ball accordingly. 

Master the Middle Wicket 

One of the most basic things that are taught to every aspiring hockey player is to master the middle wicket. However, despite the fact that it is so important, a lot of batsmen don’t understand its importance or don’t practice enough to master their position in accordance with the middle wicket.

Your hockey stick should be properly aligned with the middle wicket before the ball is released, just as a opponent works and trains to throw the ball in a straight line. Mastering the middle wicket lets you guard your wicket in case the ball is swinging, and it comes in pretty handy in test hockey. 

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Work on Your Swing 

It doesn’t matter how good of a posture you have or how good you are at defending your wicket if you don’t know how to score runs. Mastering the swing of your hockey stick is another important technique that you need to practice like a maniac. 

Your hand-to-eye coordination comes into play when you swing the hockey stick as you want to hit the ball with the middle of your hockey stick with maximum strength. You can practice in front of the mirror and do hitting drills using a tennis ball, which can help you get better. 

Endurance Training 

Last but not least, a hockey game lasts for many hours. When you are playing at a competitive level, you need to ensure that your body is at an optimal level so that you can give your best. 

Endurance is a huge part of hockey and very important for batsmen as he is going to run between the wickets with pads and a heavy hockey stick and then field after that. So, you must have the stamina to do all that, giving your best at all times. 

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