Benefits of Using Cloud Based EMR

Cloud Based EMR

The use of electronic medical records has risen in recent years, becoming standard practice for virtually every single healthcare organization. Another common trend has been the transition to the cloud based interface, which has coincided with the increased use of these technologies.

Whether traditional or on-premise, EMRs continue to be a vital asset for many healthcare organizations. However, cloud based systems often provide additional benefits and flexibility.

Critical Features of Cloud Based EMR Software

EMR software has been available for quite some time. Whether you’re exploring it for the first time or are ready to update, it is critical to understand what to look for in cloud based EMR software.

Choosing an EMR, like any other type of software, can be both complex and time-consuming. However, below are some of the essential characteristics and requirements to be mindful of while looking for the best cloud based EMR system for your practice.


Accessibility is a significant benefit of cloud based EMR software. You can use these solutions to access and interact with your EMR anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

Similarly, using patient portals allows your patients to obtain lab results, contact their doctors, request prescription refills, make payments, and much more. In addition, patients can utilize the site to provide basic information, reducing the number of documents they must fill out manually.

In addition to accessing their health records, they may also receive reminders for appointments and tests that they need to have conducted. This provides you and your patients with more immediate access to information. Cloud based EMR software is a significant benefit for all practices, but it is especially advantageous for facilities with several sites and doctors who operate at multiple locations.

Workflow Efficiency

Electronic prescription functionality is a fantastic tool for improving patient care because it saves time for both patients and physicians. Doctors may immediately transfer new prescriptions to patients’ pharmacies, eliminating redundancy and error risk. Patients benefit as well because their medicines are frequently ready to go when they arrive at the drugstore.

EMRs help to shorten patient visits, allowing your health organization to boost traffic and, as a result, income. You can devote more time to patients and less time to charting and recording. This feature enables you to treat more patients daily without compromising treatment quality.

Furthermore, you can resolve many patient difficulties online. For example, appointments that do not necessitate an office visit can be handled online and by mobile apps.

Custom Features

Many cloud based EMR software comes with specialty-specific, customizable templates pre-installed. According to cloud based EMR reviews, a significant advantage of cloud based EMR is that they may expand and adapt to your specific healthcare business.

Scalability is critical for many smaller or independent enterprises that are still developing. You should ensure that the vendor you choose is adaptable to your facility’s specific requirements. Also, keep in mind that different types of software frequently have specialized capabilities useful for particular kinds of practices. As a result, it is worthwhile to analyze all choices thoroughly.

Installation and Support

Traditional EMRs can be highly expensive to install, costing tens of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, cloud based EMR software is frequently installed at no additional cost and does not require a licensing fee to be paid. In comparison, firms that use a cloud based server typically pay a minimal monthly price.

While on-premise solutions provide complete control over security and data management, updating these systems usually necessitates purchasing new software and computer hardware every few years. However, unlike a client-server architecture, cloud based EMR software does not necessitate specialized IT personnel for upkeep.

In addition to saving costs on IT staff, cloud based EMR systems frequently give automated software updates. As a result, these systems are nearly always easier to upgrade than client-server configurations.


Traditional systems are always vulnerable to data theft, destruction, or encryption by hackers until a ransomware cost is paid. On the other hand, cloud based EMR software stores many backups in different locations, making it almost impossible for a hacker to strike all of them at once.

Best Cloud Based EMR Software


athenahealth was formed in 1997 to serve hospitals and ambulatory networks but has already surpassed that role. It now supports clinics and hospitals of all sizes and scopes, as well as, most significantly, specialization.

According to cloud based software reviews, the program’s focus on clinical efficiency is a primary selling point for athenahealth. It’s an easy pick for physicians trying to streamline productivity without sacrificing patient care because it has a mobile app, an extensive provider network, and connectors with other healthcare software.


CureMD EMR, like its competitors, is a cloud based EMR solution. It makes an effort to suit the demands of organizations of all sizes and specialties. It’s a feature-packed platform that doesn’t hold back when it comes to functionality. As a result, it is among the best cloud based EMRs on the market, according to cloud based EMR reviews.


AdvancedMD distinguishes itself by being mobile-forward, serving over 26,000 practitioners in various areas of specialty. It’s essentially a cloud based suite with a sophisticated mobile app designed for iPad, tablets, or phones. Still, you can readily install it on any desktop environment.


EpicCare EMR is a prominent healthcare solution for larger offices or institutions that is used all over the world. Like other apps in this category, it’s a full healthcare suite with traditional functionality like charting, patient portals, document security, and advanced capabilities like revenue management, telemedicine, and administrative tools. However, the emphasis on mobile healthcare is EpicCare’s key selling point. Its powerfully integrated phone and tablet applications enable professionals to practice while on the go, making it suitable for hospitals or larger clinics.

Cerner Ambulatory

Cerner is a cloud based electronic medical record software utilized by practitioners in a variety of specialties. According to cloud based EMR reviews, Cerner provides patient portals, mobile apps, revenue cycle management, pre-built templates, and much more

Cerner is regarded as a benchmark product and is one of the most popular cloud based electronic medical record software solutions.

Concluding Thoughts

Cloud based EMR Software is a significant investment. We hope this guide helps you conclude and find the ideal fit for your practice.

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