BOOK Full Form – What Is BOOK Full Form?

BOOK Full Form

The BOOK Full Form is “Big Ocean of Knowledge“, “Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge“, “Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge” and “Binary On-Off Keying“. Apart from these, BOOK has many other full forms listed below.

Big Ocean of Knowledge – A book is a a bunch of papers compiled together and wraped by a cover. Book is a medium where a writer writes his content or say information in the form of text or images. Some of the examples of Holy book like Bhagwat Geeta, Bible, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib, etc.

A book is manufactured through the process of designing layout, printing pages, binding pages and then Finishing. Dictionary is also a form of book which contains meaning of all English words. Eg of dictionary is Lexico, Cambridge English, Longman, etc.

Book word came from ancient English ‘’boc’’.

Mainly BOOK stands for “Big Ocean of Knowledge.“, and “Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge“.

All BOOK Full Forms with Hindi Meanings

Big Ocean of Knowledgeज्ञान का बड़ा सागर
Bio-Optic Organized Knowledgeबायो-ऑप्टिक संगठित ज्ञान
Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledgeअंतर्निहित व्यवस्थित संगठित ज्ञान
Binary On-Off Keyingबाइनरी ऑन-ऑफ कुंजीयन

In the above table you must have seen all Full Forms of BOOK in Hindi Meaning. Now we are going to discuss some more useful information which is frequently asked by you.

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Frequently Asked Question for BOOK

1. What does BOOK stands for?

Answer: The BOOK stands for “Big Ocean of Knowledge“, “Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge“, “Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge“.

2. What is the Full Form of BOOK?

Answer: The full forms of BOOK is “Big Ocean of Knowledge“, “Binary On-Off Keying” and “Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge“.

 3. What is BOOK Full Form in Education?

The BOOK Full Form in Education is “Big Ocean of Knowledge“.


So if I conclude every word has different meaning. Finally we can conclude by saying that most used full forms of BOOK are “Big Ocean of Knowledge“, “Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge“, “Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge” and “Binary On-Off Keying“.

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