5 Best Businesses To Start in New Zealand During COVID Lockdown

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New Zealand is a small island-based country that is on red light alert from 23rd January due to the Covid outbreak. The government is doing its best to strictly follow the Covid SOPs. So, doing business in New Zealand is safe and profitable.

With the current restrictions, there are a few businesses that you can do to make good profits even in this situation. Here are the details of these businesses that you can start in New Zealand.

Immigration Consultation

Those who want to move to New Zealand for education, business, or tourism, need consultation. Because of the Covid situation, they would like to know how they can move to New Zealand. They also need guidelines about how to get New Zealand ETA.

So, you can guide them and let them know the whole procedure. It will help them to decide whether they need to move to New Zealand during Covid restrictions or not. Moreover, if they do move, they would know how to stay in NZ during this time because of your good consultation services.

Car Rental or Taxi Business

Because there are restrictions on gatherings and people avoid traveling through public transport due to the crowd, you can start your car rental or taxi business. Obviously, those who are living in New Zealand need to travel and they need some ride.

They would either rent a car on monthly basis, or they would hire a taxi whenever they need to travel. So, if you start your own taxi service or car rental business, you can follow the Covid SOPs and provide this service in New Zealand. You can serve the people as well as can make a legitimate profit during the lockdown.

Offer Handyman Services

Whether it is Covid lockdown or not, people need handyman services. There are many appliances that may need repairing during the lockdown. They can’t stop using the home appliances so they need to get those appliances repaired.

People also need cleaning services during the lockdown. For example, they might need carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning or other services that you can offer. This is another great way to serve people during the lockdown and grow your business as well in New Zealand.

Start a Tourism Company

Though tourism is not a good idea during the Covid lockdown, there are many people who already have their NZETA and they have to travel to New Zealand. So, you can guide them which places are open for the tourists during this season.

You can start your tourism company at a small scale and during this time you can make bigger plans to grow once the lockdown is lifted.

Start Selling on eBay

If you have a local store where you are selling your products, but due to Covid restrictions, your business is getting affected, then you can transfer your business to an online platform. Here you can learn how to make $100 dollars a day online for free.

There is nothing better than to start selling your product on eBay or Amazon store. People love online shopping and this trend increased during the Covid lockdown. So this is your opportunity to digitalize your business and make your store on eBay or Amazon and start reaching more customers every day.

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