The most quality Twitter Video Downloader 2022

Are you wondering why you can’t download videos posted on Twitter directly from the official website or app?

Stay tuned for this article as we will explain how to save Twitter videos using recommended Twitter video downloaders for each PC and smartphone device like iPhone, Android.

Besides, the article also provides points to note when saving videos, for your reference.

What is SnapTwitter-Twitter video downloader?

  1. What is SnapTwitter?

SnapTwitter is a good website Twitter video downloader where you can download Twitter videos from both PC and smartphone. Nowadays, SnapTwitter is a popular tool because it’s simple, easy to operate, secure, and completely free.

  1. Usage and detailed notes

The song explains in detail how to download Twitter videos for each device such as iPhone, Android, and PC, so please see how it is used according to your device.


  • Copy the video URL you want to save on Twitter.

To copy select “Share” and select “Copy URL”.

  • Go to SnapTwitter. At this point, open it with the “Safari” browser.
  • Paste the link in the “Paste video URL from Twitter” section.
  • Click “Download”.
  • A video link will be displayed with different quality download options.
  • Choose one of the qualities to complete the Twitter video download.

Then you may view videos downloaded in the application file.


  • Similar to iPhone, you also need to copy the video link by selecting the share icon and selecting the copy link.
  • Go to Twitter video downloader SnapTwitter.
  • Paste the link in the “Paste video URL from Twitter” section.
  • Next, select the blue “Download” button right next to it.
  • Wait a few seconds and you will get the video you need to download with some video quality options.
  • Finally, select the quality you need to download and wait until you see the message that the download is complete.


  • Open the Twitter page and copy the URL of the video you want to download.
  • Open a new tab and go to the SnapTwitter website.
  • Paste the link into the white box in the center of the screen.
  • Click “Download”.
  • The video link you need will be displayed.
  • Here you need to choose one of the 3 quality options provided to download to your liking. 

You will then find the video in your PC’s “Download” folder. 

  1. Notes on using SnapTwitter

There are a few things to keep in mind when using SnapTwitter.

  • Do not upload illegally uploaded videos. Therefore, we recommend that you do not download republished videos from YouTube.
  • There’s nothing wrong with enjoying regular videos individually.
  • Also, keep in mind that it’s rare for videos that can’t be downloaded, such as official company videos.
  • In case you have any problem with SnapTwitter then message as admin will respond quickly. Also, we recommend that you wait for a while and try again later.

If you want to know other downloadable sites besides SnapTwitter, or you may not be able to use SnapTwitter due to problems. I will introduce the video downloader Twitter and other applications proposed by the device.

  1. Twitter video downloader recommended for PC

The most recommended site is Video Downloader. This is a simple and easy-to-use Twitter video downloader.

Here’s how to save a video using a video downloader:

  • First, copy the link to the video you want to save.
  • Then go to the Video Downloader website.
  • Paste the copied link.
  • Then click on “Download MP4” to complete the download.

It’s a very simple Twitter video downloader where you can save Twitter videos with just a few steps.

  1. Recommended apps for smartphones

Next, I’ll introduce recommended apps for smartphones. Two recommended apps for smartphones are Clipbox+ and Mix data.

However, Clipbox+ is not currently distributed on the App Store, so iPhone users cannot install it.

Therefore, if you use Android, use Clip box +, and if you have an iPhone that does not have Clip box +, use Mix data.

Let’s see how to use each Twitter video downloader app.

Clipbox +

The method to save the video in Clip box + is as follows.

  • First, copy the URL of the video.
  • Then, open Clip box + and select “Clip”.
  • Then select “Browse”
  • When the Google search screen appears, paste the copied URL in the address bar above.
  • If you go to the URL page, you’ll see tweets with videos. Play the video and tap the + sign below.
  • Tap “Are you okay?”.
  • Next, click “Really?”.
  • If you select “ok”, the video will be saved in the app.

Here’s how to save the video.

For Android users: the video will automatically be downloaded to your device.

For iPhone:

  • Select Actions in the top right of My Collection.
  • Select the checkmark to the left of the video.
  • Select Gallery from the menu at the bottom of the screen to save the video on your device.

Mix data

Next is how to save videos using Mix data. Usage is the same as Clip box +, only with a few changes.

  • First, copy the URL of the video.
  • Open the app and select “Data Clip”.
  • Then select “Browser” and the Google search screen will appear.
  • Paste the copied URL into the address bar at the top of the search screen.
  • If you go to the URL page, you’ll see tweets with videos. Play the video and tap the + sign below.
  • Click “Data Clip”.
  • Tap “Start Clip”.
  • Click “OK” to download the video.

If you’re an iPhone and don’t have Clipbox+, use Mix data. If Clipbox+ is not distributed on the App Store, then Mix data is also not distributed on the Google Play Store, so it cannot be used by Android users.


To save Twitter videos, you need to use a Twitter video downloader or app. Among them, SnapTwitter is recommended because you can easily save Twitter videos for free! Other sites have also been carefully curated and featured easy-to-use ones, so use the tools you see fit. We hope that you can download your favorite videos found on Twitter without any problems by referring to this article.

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