The latest IG downloaders online free to download Instagram videos

In this digital era capturing moments is not only done by taking pictures but also you can get many tips, tricks, and materials that are different from both Instagram and TikTok.

If you want to record the screen as a video on social networks, users can do it in many different ways. It can be through recording a screenshot available on the phone or by downloading a file.

In the TikTok application, the user is allowed to use the feature to download the selected video. Here’s how downloading videos from TikTok can be done on Android and iOS.

How to download videos on TikTok:

– Open the TikTok app

– Then select the video you want to download

– Select the arrow icon under the comment box

– After tapping, the screen will change and tap ‘save video’.

– Automatically the video is in your phone gallery.

Unlike TikTok, the Instagram app has not yet provided a download feature for videos uploaded to Feeds or Instagram Stories. So the user has to find another way to download the selected video.

There are several ways to download videos from Instagram. The download method is using an IG downloader, either through a third-party application or through an IG downloader online accessed through a browser.

How to download videos from Instagram via IG downloader online

– Go to IG downloader online

– Copy the link from the Instagram post you want to download

– Paste the link in the column provided and select the type of video to be downloaded.

– Then click the download button and continue to select “Download Video” to download the video to the device.

– If you have downloaded it, you can easily view the video in your device’s photo gallery.

After knowing how to download Instagram videos through IG downloader online, here are some ways you can download videos using the app. 

Users can download it on iOS and Android. The following apps can be used on iOS.

Download Instagram videos for iOS

To download videos from Instagram on iOS, users can use the SnapX IG downloader app. This app can be downloaded through the official app store, App Store.

Using this app is quite easy. Users simply copy the post link they want to download, then the link is automatically pasted into the links column in the SnapX app.

After pasting you need to tap on the download button. Then the selected video will be in the phone gallery if it has already been downloaded.

In addition to using the SnapX app, iOS users can also download videos through several apps, namely;

– Downloader for Instagram

– InSaver

– Story Saver

– Video For Instagram

Downloader- DownloadGram

Download Instagram videos for Android

For Android users, there are several options to download Instagram videos, including the use of one of the above IG downloader online-based services.

But there are also apps that you can use to make things easier. One of such options is Video Downloader for Instagram. This app can be downloaded for free through the Play Store.

You must download and install the app on your smartphone. You can then select the file you want to download.

On the post you want to download, tap the three-dot button at the top right of the post and select ‘Copy link’. Next, open Video Downloader for the Instagram app, select the paste option, and the video will be saved on your phone.

In addition to using Video Downloader for Instagram, users can also download videos through several applications, namely:


– Saver Reposter for Instagram

– Quick Save

– Instaget

– Downloader for Instagram


That’s how to download videos from Instagram through IG downloader online and through the app. Do this wisely and by the privacy policies and rules of each application.

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