Top Artificial Intelligence Providers for 2022

Artificial Intelligence Providers

Top Artificial Intelligence Providers 2022

Artificial intelligence together with machine learning shares the place of the most promising technological field in the world now. The reason is simple, proves Forbes: it can significantly speed up, refine, and simplify all the workflow processes and everyday tasks in almost every industry. For that reason, lots of software companies are trying to explore this field, but how do you find a professional AI provider in this overwhelmed market? Today we’ll help you with this task: we’ve compiled a top list of 10 best artificial intelligence providers using the data from Here we go!

5-Stars Artificial Intelligence Providers

Let’s start our top list with artificial intelligence solution providers awarded 5 stars of 5 possible according to customers’ reviews at

  1. InData Labs

InData Labs is an award-winning AI solutions provider. It has its own data science research center, where InData Labs specialists develop AI-driven tools for businesses of all sizes and industries. Powered by deep AI expertise, predictive analytics, computer vision, and OCR-based text recognition, these solutions streamline companies’ daily workflow, reduce manual tasks, provide managers with valuable insights, and optimize companies’ resources. These benefits are possible due to top data science specialists, and detailed field research from InData Labs specialists.

  1. Mobi Dev

This is a full-stack artificial intelligence solutions company, which can both create a custom AI-driven solution from scratch and also integrate a ready-made tool into an existing client’s ecosystem. Mobi Dev professional team of specialists offers a wide range of services including data science, machine, and deep learning, NLP and computer vision, predictive analytics, visualized reports, etc. They help companies from IT, retail, hospitality, and other industries to bring their ideas to life.

  1. Imaginary Cloud

Imaginary Cloud is a software provider, recognized as one of the best AI-driven IT companies in the world. Its web and mobile solutions with product-focused design serve such giants as Nokia, BNP Paribas, and Thermo-Fisher. Last year it won the UK Top B2B Company award and was also included in the Top 1000 Global Companies list.

  1. Deeper Insights

Founded in 2014, they work in 7 timezones to leverage the power of AI and help companies improve their customer experience, automate manual processes, and get deeper data-driven insights. With a team of professional data science and machine learning experts, they provide customers with cloud services, strategic consulting, artificial intelligence predictions modeling, and many other custom services.

  1. DataRoot Labs

Founded in 2016, this company is now the fastest-growing AI company in Ukraine. Their team of experts together with an in-house research and development department create powerful AI solutions tailored to different startups’ needs, helping them grow. DataRoot Labs also has a data science and data engineering school, where they share worldwide their AI-related knowledge and insights.

  1. Exometrics

The company is focused on machine learning solutions and advanced data analytics tools, which can help to solve business problems in various industries. Exometrics engineers combine BI, data modeling, audio transcription, and such robust tool as EXOcognitio AI to extract valuable insights from unstructured data. 

  1. Yellow

Specialists at Yellow are focused on creating true business value with the help of their AI-driven solutions. For 5 years in a row, they are named in Clutch’s Top 1000 Global Service Providers, as well as gotten other prestigious awards like a Top Mobile App Developer, and a Top B2B Company. Working with companies of all sizes, they help clients get flexible, scalable, and maintainable.

New Promising Artificial Intelligence Providers

The list of top artificial intelligence solution providers is growing each year, as more and more new software companies are coming onto the scene. And that’s no surprise: according to McKinsey, the use of AI-driven solutions can add as much as 20% to companies’ overall profits. Let’s take a look at the most promising new AI providers:

  1. Neurons Lab

Founded no more than 3 years ago, Neurons Lab can skyrocket businesses with powerful AI engineering (computer vision, NLP, data-driven predictions), rare expertise in fundamental sciences, and profound knowledge of various business niches. Their operation model includes AI product discovery, development, and feasibility research. 

  1. Childish

This service company founded in 2018 is focused on Python solutions combined with AI, data science, NLP, ML, and deep learning. Having an NGO on top of the company, their team of high professionals is always in search of new creative architecture solutions. Moreover, 50% of all the company profits go to charity.

  1. nexocode

Founded a bit more than 4 years ago, nexocode is already trusted by giants like Google and Nokia, leveraging the power of AI for businesses from various domains. Focusing mainly on IT, healthcare, and logistics industries, nexocode provides companies with digital transformation, robust data systems, MLOps, and machine learning consulting. Plus, they offer businesses to take part in a special AI Design Sprint, where they help managers to identify potential AI use-cases, optimize daily workflow, and increase profits.

Here is the end of our artificial intelligence solution providers’ top list for 2022. How do you find it? Which companies did you probably work with? AI technology never stops going ahead with numerous promising players appearing in this field every month. Stay tuned to not miss our new articles and research in this field!

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