Finance is a fast exchange platform is a fast and rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange service. Now the developers are working on updating the functionality. Recently, a whole set of features has been invented, as well as management tools and trading statistics. In addition, the cryptocurrency exchange function is preserved for users who do not want to register.

This strategy allows you to increase the audience, while it can be both regular traders and those who have cryptocurrency. If the former track all their transactions, then the latter focus only on exchanging a particular coin. The service is universal, so that it will suit everyone.

Why privacy and functionality are not considered

One of the most significant advantages of any platform is anonymity and decentralization. Almost all modern companies store the assets of their customers. But here, there can be no talk of such components as confidentiality and anonymity. Users need to verify their identity through registration and KYC. This affects crypto assets negatively since there can be no talk of security.

Sol to dollar can also be exchanged on this platform without much difficulty. As for security, there are fast crypto exchanges for this. They are the ones who are solving this problem. With their help, you can organize instant access without registration. The user will be able to exchange cryptocurrency as quickly as possible – from wallet to wallet.

This system is secure, and no contact information is required. This exchange option is limited to primary exchanges between cryptocurrencies.

How it works

Without registration and verification on the site, smooth exchange of one cryptocurrency for another is available. The whole process looks like this:

  • First, you need to provide information about the exchange, for example, the amount to trade, coins to buy and sell, and of course, the address of the buyer’s electronic wallet;
  • The entire required amount is sent to the receiving address of the platform;
  • The platform is engaged in the exchange process, redirecting the funds to the recipient’s address.

This whole process is quite fast and does not take much time. On the site, you can conduct any exchange transaction, such as flow to usd. Any user can choose between floating and fixed rates.

Features of the LetsExchange service

LetsExchange is a multi-currency service for fast crypto exchange without restrictions and registration. Users can see the benefits of the platform:

  • Fast, convenient, secure transactions thanks to a clear interface.
  • Automated process due to which transactions are carried out instantly.
  • The technology selects the most profitable rate for the client.
  • There are no restrictions on the choice of cryptocurrency pairs and coins.
  • Ability to exchange currency at a floating or fixed rate.
  • Complete user security: data encryption, protection against DDoS attacks, coins are validated.
  • Transparent currency exchange process at every stage of the transaction.

The company’s support service accompanies users 24/7. Quick consultations are provided in the client chat.

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