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Dedicated Server Netherlands


Many times website owners opt for a shared server web hosting plan while initially bringing their websites online. This is because of the most inexpensive cost prices & easy hosting management that come with shared server web hosting. However, you must comprehend that shared server web hosting comes with certain constraints that often limit the workload your website can handle as well as the kind of performance your website can deliver in certain situations. 

Hence, for those seeking a flexible web hosting solution that can manage high traffic effectively, Dedicated Server Netherlands serves as an ideal choice. We have come up with this guide to highlight how dedicated server hosting over any other web hosting solution can be highly worthwhile for your website. Dive into the segments below and know all the necessary insights.

What Do You Think About Dedicated Server?

A dedicated web server operates solely for an individual user. Unlike shared server web hosting, it lets you host your website in an autonomous as well as private web hosting environment. Further, you obtain access to the resources that run dedicatedly for your website. You do not have to permit them to get shared among other web hosting environments or websites. 

Moreover, with a dedicated server in Netherlands, your website obtains high-grade data security due to the isolated web hosting platform. It works as a perfect web hosting solution for enabling your website to deliver a smooth & fastest performance to your end users. Further, your website gets the high processing power & ability to well administer any amount of workload with the dedicated server Netherlands.

Serverwala Offers You Fastest Dedicated Server Netherlands

In order to make the ultimate usage of your dedicated server hosting, you must buy the most suitable dedicated server hosting plan from a dependable & leading web host. Serverwala data center is such a web host that offers an extensive range of the best dedicated server Netherlands plans & packages at the cheapest rates. 

It is highly renowned for accommodating all the needs & demands of varied online businesses. The data center further ensures the support of cutting-edge hardware & best-in-class equipment. It also provides security-as-a-service as well as resilient technologies with the cheap dedicated server Netherlands.

How can a Dedicated Server Benefit Your High Volume Traffic Website?

Netherlands dedicated server hosting has become a popular and primary choice of numerous high-volume business websites due to the exceptional benefits & privileges it provides – 

Maximum Uptime

The dedicated server ensures maximum uptime for your business website. It provides dedicated web resources, high scalability, and robust data protection to let your website face minimum downtime. 

Optimal performance

With the high availability of web resources and an autonomous web hosting environment under a dedicated server, your high-volume website becomes capable of attaining optimal performance in every situation. 

Dedicated IP address

Your business website gets a unique IP address with a dedicated server in Netherlands. This further enables it easily acquire the SSL certificate. Also, your business website then does not get under the blacklists of search engines because of the unacceptable activities of other websites. 

Complete authority over the web hosting server 

You can attain full authority over your dedicated server Netherlands by acquiring its root access from your web host. This enables you to obtain run, configure, manage, customize, and administer your web hosting platform on your own without any restrictions or interference. You can thus employ your dedicated server exactly as your high-traffic volume website requires. 

Advantages of Dedicated Server Netherlands From Serverwala

You obtain the following advantages with Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server –

  • 24/7 Technical & customer assistance via proficient as well as experienced experts
  • Unlimited bandwidth with redundant power
  • 99.90% Uptime assurance with service level agreement
  • High-tech network flexibility
  • Private VLAN subsets
  • Hardware RAID support
  • Consistent & fastest connectivity
  • User-friendly & efficient control panel options
  • Popular & efficient operating system choices
  • Authority to choose the required location of the data center
  • SSH root control access
  • Softculous one-click installer

Plans and Packages

With all the web hosting plans & packages of Serverwala’s dedicated servers, you acquire high scalability & flexible hosting features. Further, your website receives various advanced data security measures, such as DDoS protection, malware & scan protection, data encryption, in-built antivirus software, etc. 

Serverwala data center also ensures the SSL certificate for your website absolutely free of cost. Furthermore, your website acquires the highest network connectivity as well as secure channels under the best Netherlands dedicated server services & facilities of the data center.  

Dedicated Server Netherlands


dedicated server hosting has the ability to make you eliminate all the restrictions or constraints that come with other web hosting solutions. It renders you excellent hosting flexibility, customizability, better server root control access, & high-quality data protection. Since you acquire the independent web hosting platform under the dedicated server Netherlands, you need to manage it aptly. 

Therefore, the Serverwala data center offers both unmanaged as well as fully managed web hosting services with a dedicated server. You can choose according to whether you have got enough time as well as the expertise needed to run & manage a dedicated server in Netherlands. Reach out to the official website of the data center now to know more about the best yet most feasible Netherlands dedicated server hosting plans & packages.

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