Independent Building Inspections

Building Inspections

We are a leading independent building inspections company in Wollongong. With over 30 years of building experience, we will fully inspect your property, from the roof to the basement, and make a full report of any issues. Our expert building inspectors will provide a detailed report discussing the condition of your roof, structure, and all of your building components. We will also recommend any necessary repairs or maintenance.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make some extra money. As an independent building inspector, you’ll be trained to conduct inspections, and you’ll receive a free inspection report template to use for every inspection.

Our qualified inspectors will visit your property to assess the current condition of the building and provide you with an honest, thorough and unbiased report of the same.

We provide building inspections that are completely unbiased. We have over 30 years of building experience and will make sure that you have all the information you need before you make a decision. Techk Times

No matter if you’re buying or selling a home, get an unbiased opinion of the property’s condition by an independent building inspector. We’re able to provide you with a thorough and honest report on your building’s current state and make recommendations for any potential issues you may face.

How much does a builder’s inspection cost?

The short answer is no. Most builders will not do a building inspection for a few reasons – it is time consuming, they have to leave the job site for a few hours and it is a lot of work to find a building inspector who they can trust to do a good job for them. A builder may tell you they do their own inspections. After all they know what is wrong with their own work. This is not ideal as they will miss many things. A building inspector with years of experience will be able to spot a lot more issues.

Don’t hire a builder or inspector that can only do minor fixes. Builders that help you to repair your house don’t have the skills to identify major defects in the building. A Building Inspector Sydney will have the skills to identify all kinds of defects in the building.

A building inspection is an important part of any real estate deal. You need to know who is actually building your house. With Buildex, you can sleep easy knowing that each home is inspected by qualified builders.

Building inspections are supposed to be done by a licensed building inspector. The reason for this requirement is that it is important that an inspector has been trained to inspect buildings for safety from a professional organization. A building inspection is a very different task from a home inspection.

How much does a builder’s inspection cost?

This is the question we get asked the most when we advertise our builder’s inspection service. The answer is that there is no simple answer and even experienced industry experts will differ in their estimate.

A Builder’s inspection is a condition inspection of the property you are about to purchase. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that any defects are identified before you sign the contract. A builder’s or an owner’s inspection is an optional service that you can request when you are buying a property.

A builder’s inspection is a check of a home or property before a contract of sale is entered into.

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