M4A1 gel blaster – Everything to know about

M4A1 gel blaster

A gel blaster (also known as a gel ball blaster, hydro blaster, or gel gun) is a toy gun that shoots a water-soaked gel pellet (similar to an Orbeez). Gel blasters are comparable to paintball guns and are becoming increasingly popular for paintball skirmish and laser tag sports. In Queensland, gel blasters are not illegal and do not require a permission or licence to possess. They must be used carefully and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations (e.g. importation permits, noise, parking, etc.). Please see the material below, as well as the Council’s Local Laws webpage. In this way, the M4A1 gel blastersr is really an enhancement.

How to use it?

Please note that the usage for sport and recreation (both indoor and outdoor) do not include lodging (e.g. Short term accommodation or Tourist park). If a commercial site offers any type of short-term or vacation lodging, including overnight camping, the development approval/permit must mention this use. If a development approval/permit is necessary, it may be acquired by submitting a development application for a Material Change of Use (MCU) to Council, which will be evaluated against the Logan Planning Scheme 2015’s standards. Online, in person, via email, or by mail are all options for submitting an application. For further information, as well as access to the relevant paperwork and payments, please visit Council’s website.

Are you Authorized?

The simple answer is that possessing a gel blaster or BB gun without a valid authorization is unlawful in New South Wales. The following is the law in this area: Anyone who possesses or uses a weapon without a licence or authorization is subject to a maximum punishment of five years in jail under Section 7A of the Firearms Act 1996 (NSW) (‘the Act’). A firearm is defined in Section 4 of the Act as a gun or other weapon that is (or was) capable of propelling a projectile by means of an explosive, and includes a blank fire firearm or an air gun, but excludes anything declared not to be a firearm by the rules. Gel balls are generally pushed by a spring rather than “by means of an explosive” or “by means of air” in gel blasters.

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Infrastructure costs will be imposed on developments that add to the demand on infrastructure (such as water supply, sewage, stormwater, and roadways). Council collects these fees from developers as part of Queensland’s planning regulations to assist fund vital large-scale assets such as sewage treatment facilities, regional highways, and pumping stations. Indoor and outdoor sport and leisure developments will be subject to infrastructure costs in the case of possible activities employing gel blasters. An Infrastructure Expenses Estimator is included in the Logan PD Hub to assist you in identifying these charges, which vary depending on the location and magnitude of the development.

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