Ways to optimize your Blog for more Traffic

Blog for more Traffic

In today’s digital age, getting information and knowledge about anything through blogs has become common. Writing blogs can be accessible, but reaching the audience is one challenging task, especially when there is so much competition around. Getting an audience for blog content can be tricky sometimes, but it can be done by following some correct formulas. There are specific ways to write a blog to earn more traffic. The techniques of writing a blog, if followed appropriately, can aid in getting more traffic to the website. Here are some of the factors which will help in this regard. 

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For making the blog able to get more traffic, it is essential to create Search Engine Optimized content. The blog’s content should not only be high quality, but it should also be according to the choice of readers. If the content of the blog is different from the choice of readers, then it will fail in getting traffic, whereas a blog which is based on people searched queries then the blog will get more readers as they will find their desired content  


The blog, which has keywords, is considered to attract more people. Proper research and studies should be conducted to find the most important keywords. Several tools are used for finding the keywords. The keywords should be used in the material of the blog. Ideally, the first few paragraphs should have keywords in them. This trick helps a lot in getting more traffic 


The website of your blogs must be high speed. If the blog takes too long to load, the reader will not wait and return to google for another blog website. Increasing the blog’s speed will attract more readers as nobody wants to waste their time on low-speed websites. Moreover, most users use mobile phones or tablets to read articles, so creating a version of a blog that is suitable for mobile devices can be of great help. Get the idea from Freelancing websites in Pakistan.


The blogs which have pictures and videos in them engage more readers. The readers like to read blogs that are not text-based only but have images. As people like colours more than black and white so the content of the blog must be based on pictures and videos along with the text. For example, the cooking blogs should have pictures of appealing dishes and ingredients; this will retain the readers’ attention for a more extended period. But it is also better for bloggers to use credited images on their blogs. 


The content for guest blogs should be simple and easy to read. The writer should use easy words which the readers can understand. The blog having difficult words, long paragraphs, and sentences gets boring for the readers, and they lose their attention and leave the blog, so for getting traffic on blogs, sentences and paragraphs should not be so long. In short, simple and easy content should be written to fetch more attention from readers. 


Social media sharing is one of the popular ways of promoting blogs. When a blog is shared on social media, it helps get more readers. You can share your blogs either with personal or business accounts. It also helps in increasing the followership of the blogs. Using hashtags make it more visible. Not only this, but adding sharing buttons to your blogs is also a great way of getting more traffic on it 


Consistency is the key to writing an appealing blog. For getting more readers, it is essential to be active and post content on a regular basis. It keeps the website alive and makes it more visible on search engines. Giving time and effort to the blogs is essential. Posting blogs monthly or bi-monthly will decrease the number of readers. So, posting high-quality and organic content regularly is an important technique to reach more people.   


The tips and tricks for earning more traffic on blogs are explained clearly so that it helps those who want to learn how to attract more readers. But it should be kept in mind that getting traffic on blogs is a time-consuming process and requires patience, but it can happen with constant effort and by following all the strategies explained above. 

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Muhammad Junaid is a Senior Analyst, Search Engine Expert, and CEO of Rank Higher. Extensive experience in SEO, Analytics, Research, and Blogging. Work for years with local and international enterprises for 7+ years. Also, represent well-known brands in the UAE.

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