7 Different Types of Men’s Fashion Sandals That are Still Trendy in 2022

Men's Fashion Sandals

Fashion trends change after every season. Women’s fashion trends get to change more often as compared to men’s fashion. But there are some fashion trends that never change and one such example is wearing a NY hat. There are different man’s sandals as well that don’t change with time and are still trendy for man’s fashion.

Here we will discuss the different types of man’s sandals that include the open toe and closed toe sandals style altogether.

Hiking Sandals

hiking sandals

Hiking boots are famous for professional hikers. But in case you are not professional and you are going on an easy or moderate hiking track, then hiking sandals are best for you. Hiking sandals provide good support to your feed and the extra advantage is the added ventilation.

If you don’t want to have sweaty feet at the end of your hiking track then hiking man’s sandals are best for you. You can find hiking sandals with open-toe or with the closed-toe style. But for hiking, I would recommend you to buy closed-toe hiking sandals.

Gladiator Sandals

The gladiator sandals are old men’s fashion sandals and have a history and their origin is the gladiators of the ancient roman who wore these sandals during the wars. The style of the gladiator sandals is very simple and still, it is good-looking.

Gladiators sandals are only open-toe sandals and they are back in the fashion again. These man’s sandals have a flat sole and have a couple of cross straps that provide good support and hold the soles with the feet. There is an extra strap that is crossed across the ankle.

Fisherman Sandals

Fisherman sandal is another great and trendy man’s fashion sandal style. The fisherman is a closed-toe sandal style that comes mostly with leather material. This design of men’s sandals has various straps on them that hold your foot properly and provide good support.

With that, the crossed straps have enough gap between them to provide ventilation, and also water will drain out from the gaps. THe sole of the fisherman sandals is thin form the frond while it is relatively thick from the back.

Dress Sandals

Dress sandals are usually comes with a closed-toe and the top of the sandals is also close while the sides are open as it has crossed straps. The back side of the dress sandal is a one single board strap that covers the full back of the foot. If you want to look classy even with your formal or casual dressing, a pair of dress sandals is perfect for you.

You can wear these men’s fashion sandals with closed-to at your work place or even in the parties and on different events.

Luna Sandals

Now, this sandal design is very unique and different from all other designs that we have discussed before. Luna sandals come with minimal design and it expose almost complete foot from the top and the sides.

Though they are minimal in design, but yet they provide excelent foot support and are perfect sandals for running and hiking. You can find Luna sandals in the international market. The sole of these sandals is thin but durable and flexible that provide extra support to your foot muscles.

The lacing style around the food of and its minimal feature makes the Luna sandals stand out from all other men’s sandal designs.

Huarache Sandals

In the cateogry of closed-toe sandals, here is another design of men’s sandals and it is called Huarache sandals. These closed-toe sandas are famous in the international market becuase of they funky style and the desined is basically from the Mexican city.

A wooden sole or a woven string sole is used in these sandals. The elaborated design on the top of the Huarache sandal is made from the leather. You might not feel comfortable in these sandals, so you can’t wear it for the whole day or for a tour where you need to walk a lot.

Huarache sandals are good for the special events and parties where you need to wear these for a few hours.

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