Online Tajweed Classes from Online Quran Academy

Online Tajweed Classes

You can rest assured that you’ll receive top quality Quranic training from the Quran Live Academy online. Quran Live Academy! Quran Tajweed courses are available via our website.
Participants who have learn how to read Quran online and Nazra-e Quran are more likely to enroll in this class than those who didn’t. Many have faced difficulties getting out of their homes and to the nearby Madrassah due to COVID-19’s lockdown. Instead of going to an actual place, we provide an online Quran learning platform that can be accessed from the comfort of your home at your home. You can access to our Online Tajweed classes from anywhere and on any device at any time.

Learn more about the advantages of enrolling in the Online Quran Live Academy Tajweed online course.

Why should you choose Online Quran Live?

This is the core of it! What is the reason why you should learn Quran with Tajweed online with us rather than someplace else? Numerous factors influence the level of your satisfaction. Let’s get started!

Learn Through Skype Online

Online Quran lessons are available to all students around the globe via skype. Our Tajweed lectures can be heard on laptops, tablets, laptops, computers or smartphone, as well as using a microphone and speakers.

Tajweed classes are offered.

We offer online Quran Class lesson plans include interactive elements and employ both modern and traditional methods of teaching the Quran. Our videos are high-definition and feature clear and crystal-clear audio. Our aim is to provide the internet accessible Quran Tajweed classes that keep students entertained all through.

Professional Quran instructor

On-line Quran Live academy features an experienced Quran teacher who is going to teach the class. The teacher will go over the fundamentals of Tajweed as well as how to incorporate them into the daily practice. Your Quran method of teaching and recitation will be an inspiration for your students, and they’ll be able be able to recall you for a long time.

Why Tajweed is Important

With Tajweed, our Muslim sisters have the ability to learn about the Quran with ease from their own home. To assist women in learning about Tajweed We have developed free Tajweed classes online. On-line Quran Live Academy, Quran teacher who has taught in an online format and has been certified in Tajweed. Our teacher has more than 10 years of experience. She is also very caring and helpful to the students of the school.

Trial for a full day is absolutely for free

The online course trial is available at Online Quran Live, which offers more than five different courses. The website however offering an online trial for free Quran Tajweed classes. The price of the classes will not impact the lecture’s content. What we’re trying communicate by way of Allah is what we are trying to communicate.

Requirements for an Online Tajweed Course

It is a total of 36 classes included in The Online Tajweed Quran course. Each Tajweed principle and its usage in the various verses are described in great detail during each lecture. We’ve also added separate lessons on some of the most crucial surahs you can learn with. After that, you’ll be required to take a test and exam to gauge your progress. After you’ve reviewed your work.

What topics we covered at Online Quran Live Academy?

When you join Tajweed classes Your Quran pronunciation will be improved. Tajweed Rules of Quran can be more comprehensive in the Quranic verses, much than just a memory the verses or other reading classes. This means that anyone who is a Muslim who is keen on the many aspects that comprise Quran, including the various fundamentals of Quran such as the historical background and meaning and its applications must be able to comprehend Tajweed Quran in detail. We are aware of this since the Quran was made accessible to all mankind by Allah not only to be read, but to be pondered and meditated on.

Every Muslim has to come to a personal conclusion on the lessons of Quran in order to determine how the lessons could be applied for the purposes of their individual life. Without understanding of Quran and Tajweed knowledge of the Quran is just a superficial knowledge.

1- Introduction and Significance of Tajweed

2- Virtues of the Quran

3- Ta’awwudh & Tasmiyah

4- The 17 Makharij

5- How do I determine the Makhraj of an email

6 The Seven full mouthed Letters

7- Rule of the Letter Alif & Raa

8- Echo Letters QALQALAH

9- Revision

10- Examination

Final Words on Tajweed Course

Our primary goal is to spread our message to Allah to the hearts of our students so that they will be successful today also in the coming years. We expect complete focus from our students who enroll in the course of our Online Quran Live Academy. We are sure that you’ll master Tajweed by the time you’ve completed the course.

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