The Best PDF Solutions for Schools and Businesses

PDF Solutions

Moving to a paperless workflow is now a priority for students and business owners who care about the environment. Today, companies and academic institutions rely on different document formats like PDF to save their documents.

When working with PDF files, you need a PDF editing tool to make changes and share the file with your peers. In this article, we’ll discuss why you need an online PDF editor for your documents.

But first, let’s explore why schools and businesses need PDFdrive tools.

Why do you need a PDF editor in school?

Academic institutions of all levels recommend PDFs as the standard format for sharing documents because of the many advantages it offers.

  1. PDF editors encourage and facilitate teamwork and collaboration

With an online PDF editor, students can work together on a project simultaneously. Since the changes appear in real-time, they can track the changes and contribute faster.

  1. PDF editors enable you to make changes to the document

For example, you can remove an unwanted page using the page removal feature. You can also annotate and comment on the document to help you take notes while reading. Multi-purpose editors also allow you to resize and convert your PDFs to other formats.

  1. PDF editors allow you to submit assignments securely

When you submit your assignment as a PDF document, you can use any editor to add a watermark. You can also add a password to the document to limit the number of people with permission to view it.

  1. PDFs save time.

When working with a PDF, you can deliver your projects faster. Instead of running around the campus to find a printer, you can complete the assignment and send it to the teacher immediately.

Why do you need a PDF tool for your business?

Businesses need PDF solutions as part of going paperless. But that’s not all; here are the reasons why your business should invest in PDF editing software.

  1. PDFs are good for the environment.

Most businesses have mountains of paperwork and documentation, which harms the environment. But with a PDF tool, you can digitize those mountains of paperwork and convert them into small, shareable files.

  1. PDF tool makes communication easier.

If you want to share an announcement with the entire company, you can use a PDF tool to create and edit the message. And since the document is accessible to everyone with the link, you can monitor the viewers and track their contributions to the document directly.

  1. PDFs are safe.

Companies always struggle to protect their sensitive information from unwanted access. With a PDF tool, you can add extra layers of protection to keep the document away from third parties. The password encryption feature allows you to generate a unique password for the document. You can also add a digital signature to authenticate the viewer’s identity.

  1. PDF tools enable teamwork.

In the corporate world, staying on the same page with your colleagues is vital for your company’s survival. With tools like Lumin PDF, you can use sharing features to facilitate collaborations in remote and hybrid teams.

What are the best PDF tools for business?

Since you now understand the importance of PDF tools to business operations, let’s check out the best tools to edit and split PDF online.

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is an editor that businesses, academic institutions, and private individuals use to edit their documents. Apart from editing, Lumin PDF also allows users to combine, e-sign, share and annotate their documents online. You can also use the Google Drive add-on to edit your PDF instantly. Use this PDF reader download to get the best out of your PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

When it comes to PDFs, Adobe Acrobat is a pioneer. This tool has been around since the early 2000s, providing PDF editing capabilities to users. Today, you can use the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader on your desktop or mobile devices to make changes to your PDF files. You can also get access to the tool’s advanced features by paying for a subscription.

Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is a turbo-charged, high-quality PDF reader that allows users to edit and share documents on the go. This tool also enables fast-paced collaborations within teams. You can use the internal converter to convert documents from PDF — or vice versa.


Foxit is a PDF converter and editor that offers a wide range of capabilities, including PDF conversion, merging, splitting, editing, sharing, and protection. You can also add stamps and watermarks to your files using the Foxit Phantom Editor. Users can get this tool for a free trial period of 14 days, after which they must pay for the subscription.


With Sejda, you can edit a limited number of pages in one operation. You can work on 200 pages in one hour. You can also add images and generate links. Sejda also connects with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Small PDF

As the name suggests, Small PDF is a compact PDF tool that provides several editing capabilities. This tool excels as a converter, allowing conversion from PDF to Word, PPT, JPEG, JPG, HTML, Excel, and other text formats. 

Small PDF is also available for a 14-day trial period. If you are looking for an easy-to-use PDF editor, this option is just perfect for you.


Escape the paper world and join the paperless universe provided by PDFescape. With this PDF maker, you can edit your documents and create fillable PDF forms. Also, users can encrypt their files using password protection, which keeps your file safe from third-party access when sharing sensitive information. 

You can also connect the PDF combiner to browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Safari. Although the free version is plagued by ads, you can perform several operations with PDFescape.


Students, career professionals, and business owners need PDF solutions to make changes to their PDF documents. Not only do these tools allow users to edit files, but they also allow them to split, combine, convert, and annotate PDF documents. And most importantly, PDF editors enable companies to go paperless, which is good for the environment. So, choose a PDF tool that meets your needs and start delivering fast results.

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