SEO For Financial Services Brands: Key Trends & Opportunities In Search


Optimizing your website and pages to be search-friendly isn’t difficult enough without the added regulatory hurdles as well as other challenges that come with the financial sector.

Digital governance, the privacy of consumers and trust, the accuracy of the information and the speed of innovation in the field are among the main issues for financial brands.

If you’re in insurance or banking, wealth management and mortgages, fintech or any other area of the financial service industry There are additional considerations to incorporate into the SEO strategy (on on top of the general SEO best practice).

We’ll take a look at some of the major trends that marketers and SEO should be aware of throughout the years and months ahead.

There are also proven strategies throughout the book to boost the effectiveness in your attempts to be more prominent in the search results and convert more users into customers and safeguard your brand’s reputation while increasing web presence in search.

1. Digital Transformation Is Driving Evolving Customer Needs

Before the outbreak that pandemic was threatening, Adobe’s 2021 digital Tends Financial Services & Insurance in Focus report revealed that 54% of the financial services and insurance companies who were surveyed had experienced an unusual rise in visitors from mobile or digital devices in the six months preceding the survey in early 2021.

Informational requirements for customers as well as the manner that appointments or consultations, transactions and contracts were dealt with were changed in a matter of minutes as the majority of the world was put in lockdown. we are searching finance guest post websites for referral traffic.

Fintech and the potential of decentralized finance through cryptocurrencies have already shaken the foundations of outdated old systems that relied on paper, and the pandemic increased the rate of innovation by years.

The Adobe survey also revealed that 61 percent of retail banks reported that their legacy systems were the top obstacle that held their customer experience and marketing companies behind (followed by issues with workflow for 44%, and a deficiency of digital-related skills/capabilities for 42 percent).

Fintech’s operational costs can be as much as 70% less than traditional banks due to their efficient operating models and structures.

Fintech isn’t an obvious winner in the search market due to its digitalized services and benefits but not by a long distance.

We’ve transcended all transactions and inquiries that are conducted in person or by phone.

Nowadays, customers of financial services want self-service throughout their journey, starting with discovery and comparing their options via consultation as well as transaction and service.

Brands that are able to meet these requirements and the ever-growing requirements for information are the best-positioned brands to thrive in the search.

The way you communicate these offerings through local and organic searches is vital.

Financial companies do not just have to offer the most satisfying experiences but also show the search engines that they’re the most effective answer to relevant questions, too.

Tips And Takeaways

Leverage Proper Schema Markup For All Webpages

The most frequently utilized Schema types in the banking sector are Articles, Images Objects and FAQs.

Although they aren’t specifically related to banking They can help search engines such as Google to better comprehend your content.

Make Sure You Know Who Your Competitors Are

It could not be what you consider it to be.

Alongside direct competition within your industry You could also be competing against publications from the industry as well as media and regulatory agencies, and various other sources of information, such as local companies as well as podcasts, YouTube channels and many more to get a share of voice in SERPs.

Conduct Surveys And Analyze Your Seo Data For Customer Insights

The rise of consumer-centric media and e-commerce have increased the standard as far as what consumers want from personalized content.

They are now hoping that the technology they interact with will program recognize their preferences and customize the experience to suit their preferences.

2. Your Opportunities To Appear In The SERPs Are Growing

As Google is working to comprehend the intent of searchers and offer better solutions to ever more complicated queries, we’re witnessing more distinction than ever before on the search result webpages (SERPs).

Google’s brand-new Multitask Unified Model, or MUM technology is already in use.

MUM helps Google to better comprehend content that is written in different formats, languages and types of content.

In the present, we’re witnessing new types of results being tested, like this improved Autocomplete box, which adds an additional dimension to the results, based on the way Google thinks about the searcher’s intention to be.

Optimizing for Featured Snippets that are featured is the best way to offer valuable opportunities to grow your search engine visibility.

The way you structure and mark up your content in specific ways, such as bulleted, numbered tables, for instance, can aid Google to recognize when your website could be a suitable possibility for a featured short snippet.

Research conducted by BrightEdge (a disclosure that my company is a participant) has shown that the SERPs that are used for financial services typically contain a variety of common listing elements based on the kind of query.

We’ve noticed that higher-funnel “I-Want-To-Know” queries like [best investment apps] or [how to investquestions] will bring up Quick Answer boxes as well as People Also Ask dropdowns, for instance.

Knowing which SERP features are accessible via keywords and the search intent is vital to this strategy.

Integrating high-quality, original videos and images into your website content can give you more chances to show up in impressive results, too.

In local results for searches (the Map Pack), we observed the addition of additional attributes for various segments of the financial service industry that were added during the pandemic.

What Google Business Profile attributes are accessible to your listing based on the primary category it falls under?

Banks, insurance companies and mortgage brokers, for instance, could use attributes to make online appointments, ATMs, drive-thru services, and much more.

These attributes are more broadly accessible and allow you to communicate health and safety information COVID-19 guidelines and security measures, accessibility information and much more.

Tips And Takeaways

Explore SERPs For Your Most Valuable Keywords

Seek out opportunities to be ahead of rivals in SERPs with unique features, or be the first to arrive where the potential to rank higher in the results are possible.

When Creating And Optimizing Content, Focus On Topical Relevance And Context

In contrast to ensuring that you include the keyword several times on the same page.

Of the top 1,000 bank terms, our study has shown that pages with the highest ranking make use of the top keyword only one time, on average.

Context is more important than keyword density in banking.

Consider New Content-Length Carefully

While we understand that the word count isn’t an indicator of ranking however, our study has revealed that the word count for pages that are in the top three positions in the top 1,000 banking terms includes 1,240 terms.

While this shouldn’t be regarded as an absolute norm, we do notice more extensive content earning better rankings in this area.

Take the time to review your own SERPs, and try to create the most complete and best quality information for each targeted keyword.

3. Consumer Trust And Information Accuracy Are Increasingly Important In SEO

COVID-19 was an enormous shift to online and, unfortunately, an assault of cyber-attacks, misinformation as well as scams and fraud.

The criminals raced to make money on the increased number of online searches and search results for grants, payday loans or jobs and other assistance as financial worries of consumers increased.

In its efforts to offer the most relevant answer for every question, Google has had its hands full of algorithmically eliminating results that are likely negative impact on searchers.

Websites that deal with finance fall under the category Google describes as Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) where websites are subject to higher standards.

A concept known as E-A Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness – – is an important factor into YMYL website rankings since Google seeks to present the best quality responses in its search results.

Google suggests that users who are in the YMYL category assess their content themselves by asking “Would you feel comfortable trusting this content for issues relating to your money or your life?”

Tips And Takeaways

Get To Know Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines

While it’s not a ranking element by itself, Google encourages content publishers to look up this site “for advice on great content.”

Incorporate Regular Content Audits And Updates Into Your SEO Strategy

Check that any incorrect information is immediately removed and removed from Google Posts, the blog or other websites.

This isn’t only an SEO best practice, but also it is a requirement of the regulatory system for many financial services industry, and for many other industries.

Don’t Ignore Your Presence In Social Media

If we examine who has the largest volume of votes for the top 1000 bank terms, Facebook is in the top 5 organic winners for numerous bank names, and even non-brand-related terms.

Making sure your profiles are up-to-date and using relevant terms could help you increase visibility in search results beyond your site’s listings.

4. Finance Becomes Mobile-First

The ATMs that you can use to withdraw cash-based purchases, chatting with a financial consultant or visiting the branch nearest to you for lending needs aren’t yet out of date, but are certainly paving the way for more self-service alternatives.

Digital natives – i.e. those who prefer conducting their banking on the internet and don’t need branches or offices in any way comprised 32% of the PwC 2021 Digital Banking Consumer Survey.

Most of the time, people conduct these activities using their phones.

Banking at the retail level has become an experience that is omnichannel for many.

And , as McKinsey experts pointed out in their article , Transforming The US consumer bank to ensure the future normal.

Google recognizes the importance of user-friendliness, ease of use and speed, so that its Page Experience update and Core Web Vitals metrics helped in achieving these goals more significant with its ranking algorithms for search.

Financial consumers are seeking simple applications, seamless cross-channel experiences with personalized services and offers, as well as near instantaneous decisions.

Loan application or mortgage pre-approvals which used to require an in-person appointment and lots of paperwork, can now be completed back within minutes.

It is crucial that the websites that these tools live on as well as any other informational pages load quickly or the users will switch to the next outcome.

Tips And Takeaways

Mobile Security Is Mission-critical

Digital adoption brings increased expectations of consumers regarding their financial and privacy data are protected.

Optimize For Voice Search

With the increasing reliance on mobile devices as well as the increasing use of voice-enabled home assistants like Google Home and Alexa, making sure you are optimized for these types of queries is crucial.

Seventy-one percent of users prefer using voice to searches, as opposed to typing in the report of PwC.

The content optimized for voice may differ in various ways, including structure, the purpose being specific, length of content as well as format and markup.

Measure And Optimize For Core Web Vitals

Your rankings won’t be affected even if this isn’t an area that you are focusing on. But, Google gives those who satisfy its CWV specifications the chance to enjoy a “boost” in search rankings and in the financial space that is competitive it could be a significant step towards moving the forward.


Utilizing Google’s best practices and staying up to date with algorithmic changes is crucial in SEO for the Financial Services sector.

It is equally important that marketers use market research to stay on top of category as well as consumer trends and automate the process of fixing web content to ensure it is compliant with search.

There is always a lot of competition in the banking and finance industries, and with the advent of Fintech, SEO can help financial brands remain on top.

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