Three kinds of underrated motorcycle gear

motorcycle gear

Every motorcyclist knows that it is important to have the right kind of helmet for protection, and several kinds of motorcycle jackets to choose from. Helmets and jackets are important for safety, and picking them should not be taken lightly. However, there are other kinds of motorcycling gear that not many motorcyclists are familiar with, or that they don’t realize are also very important. Keep reading to find out more about this underrated motorcycling gear and where to buy it. 

Motorcycle gloves

Gloves are often overlooked while purchasing motorcycling gear. This is a shame, since the purchase of good gloves is essential. Winter gloves can keep your hands warm in the cold because of the multiple layers of fabric they are made of. These kinds of gloves often contain a thermal layer, which makes the gloves comfortable to wear when the wind is cold and the weather is unforgiving. There are even electrical self-heating gloves that can be attached to a battery for extreme weather conditions. Whatever kinds of gloves you require, gloves from are durable and offer the protection that you need.

Summer gloves, on the other hand, are supposed to be cool and should provide ventilation and grip. If your hands are sweaty, you might not be able to hold on to your bike, even when you’re wearing gloves. Ventilation makes sure that your hands do not get sweaty and that you can enjoy a cool breeze on your hands while you ride. Summer gloves come with extra protective patches on the knuckles, so that they don’t get hurt should you fall. 

Besides seasonal gloves, there are also special sports gloves. Each sport has different requirements for its gloves, such as flexibility, strength, durability, grip and ventilation. Racing gloves can often be custom-made out of durable materials, while dirt bike gloves offer just enough protection for the track, but should not be worn outside of it. 

Neck warmers

Protecting yourself while you ride your motorcycle is important, but feeling comfortable and happy while doing so can be just as important as protection. Therefore, there are several products that offer good comfort in all sorts of weather conditions. For example, neck warmers that keep your neck warm and dry, while protecting you from loose projectiles such as small stones and insects. In the winter, a warmer made of wool can keep you warm, while in the summer a thin neck protector with good ventilation might make you more comfortable. A neck warmer made of Gore-Tex protects against wind and rain. Most motorcycle jackets have enough space to make wearing a neck warmer possible. 

Cooling vests

Summer is the most popular season for motorcyclists to hit the road. Unfortunately, in the Northern Hemisphere this is the hottest period of the year. Leather vests can get hot and sticky and can decrease the comfort of riding in the summer. Luckily, there is a solution: the cooling vest. A cooling vest keeps you cool during your summer road trip, and helps you to stay focused on the road. 

A cooling vest can prevent exhaustion and keeps you from becoming overheated. Certainly, those who use their motorcycle for short distances can benefit from a good cooling vest. If you’re using your vest to drive to work and back, you might be stuck in traffic sometimes and at that moment cannot enjoy the cool riding wind. It is moments like these that a cooling vest keeps you comfortable and cool. Cooling vests can simply be filled with tap water and can drop your temperature with as much as 59 degrees F.

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