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What Are the Right Flowers to Send When You Want to Express Sympathy?

Right Flowers to Send When You Want to Express Sympathy

Figuring Out the Best Flowers to Show You Care

It can be hard to determine the best flowers you should give someone if they’re going through something difficult. Flowers mean many things. You don’t want to incidentally communicate something you weren’t intending to communicate. To help, here’s a link to flowers for expressing sympathy. We’ll further explore the most common sympathy flowers here.

Rose and Lily

Rose and lily are two flower groups which are appropriate in almost all situations. Rose comes in a variety of colors, lily tends to have a white purity. Combined together, they are fine for a sympathy bouquet, though they can be given on an individual basis as well.

You might give someone a single sad rose with a sympathy card, or a whole bouquet; the same goes for lilies.

Carnation and Hyacinth

Carnation flowers have an extensive history of cultivation. They represent love, and that love can be romantic, or it can be the love you have for someone who has lost an individual who they themselves loved. Carnation tends to be a deep red or pink color.

Chrysanthemum, Gladiolus, and Forget-Me-Not

Chrysanthemum was first cultivated in 15th century China. This flower means many things, but it tends to have that “get-well-soon” flavor if you will. This is a sympathy flower if someone you know or love is going through an illness, or they’ve been injured. It’s a fine option for showing support.

Since in some places chrysanthemum is also considered a symbol of death, you want to be careful to give it to someone who needs support. If they’ve got a European background, chrysanthemums are best given at a funeral, rather than in a hospital, or as a “get-well-soon” flower. Definitely, consider who you’re giving them to.

Gladiolus represents strength and strong character, so it’s a good flower to give when a loss is felt hard, and the person lost was loved by the community. Lastly, forget-me-not is a beautiful little sorrowful blue flower which definitely has a sympathetic connotation, and is a perfect option to pepper through a bouquet given during a funeral ceremony.

Flowers That Communicate Sympathy

The modern world, at least the modern western world, doesn’t always think about flowers as deeply as, perhaps, it should. Flowers mean things traditionally, and they have different meanings the world over. The good news is, you can find the meaning for varying flowers over the web through articles such as this one.

The thing to consider is that certain sympathy flowers are more appropriate for certain occasions than others. Seven to consider include chrysanthemum, gladiolus, forget-me-not, carnation, hyacinth, rose, and lily.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and if you make a mistake, the bereaved or sad individual likely won’t hold it against you. Still, if you can get it right, that’s certainly worthwhile.

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