Why Should You Play Fantasy Cricket Game?  Is It a Good Move?

Fantasy Cricket Game

If you don’t know what really the concept of fantasy cricket game is, fantasy cricket is a type of virtual gaming wherein the user forms up a team of eleven players (inside a limit of one hundred credits) assigned under four categories namely batter, wicketkeeper, all-rounder and bowler. 

All you need to do is to get fantasy sports app in india on your mobile or tablet and get started. You would get the chance to make your own team of players who you feel are going to be the finest performing players in an upcoming match. Your picked players get points as per their real performances like runs scored, overall wickets taken, sixes and even fours hit, and more in the match. But if you are still thinking, why should you play fantasy game and what does it has for you then this post is going to get you exactly the idea about the same.

Luxury to create your own team 

One main attraction of fantasy cricket is that it enables you to pick players and form up your own team for a given contest. You can choose one to four wicketkeepers, one to six batters, one to four all-rounders and one to six bowlers to make the finest possible set of eleven cricketers who you ponder can get you the utmost number of points in the contest. Remember that you can choose a maximum of seven players from one team. The next crucial step is to decide a captain and vice-captain. A captain gets you two x points for the same performance as other players, whereas the vice-captain gets you one point five x points. 

Remember though you are free to select any player in your fantasy team, the finest practice would be to simply choose only the players who are actually in the playing eleven. You won’t receive any points for a player who is not there in the playing eleven and this in turn, will affect your general score. The playing eleven of both the teams gets declared right after the toss and it takes place generally thirty minutes before your match begins. Download Gamezy app & enjoy your favourites on the go!

Cash prizes for you 

The premium part of any fantasy cricket gaming is not the rankings but the overall rewards they produce. It makes the players want to participate in multiple contests, no matter it is for the same match or diverse ones. Of course, this is the rewards and money that add up an extra layer of excitement tot eh game.

Though some players look forward to playing safe by taking part in head-to-head type of contests and small leagues, many people even choose to compete at a slightly bigger level in huge or mega leagues. Of course, who wouldn’t wish to participate in a contest that owns a low entry fee but gets wonderful rewards in return? And yes, you cannot forget about the bonuses and discounts that you may get along your game.


So, there is fun, enjoyment, money and thrill when you play on fantasy cricket app. You should do it and you would love the experience for yourself!

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