7 Creative Arabic Mehndi Design That Speak To The Heart

Arabic Mehndi Design

There are many different types of mehndi designs, but some are more popular than others. Today, we’re going to explore some of the most popular Arabic mehndi designs out there. What makes these designs so special is that they combine hindu and arabic influences.

You may be surprised at how many patterns there are! From peacocks to lotuses, these mehndi designs will make your hands look truly unique. They also reflect our culture beautifully. I hope you enjoy this article on 7 Creative Arabic Mehndi Designs that Speak to the Heart!

Types of Arabic Mehndi Design

Mehndi is a traditional art form that originated in India and Pakistan. It’s also known as henna, which is the name of the plant from which it comes. It has been practiced for centuries in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh- all of which have different styles and types of mehndi designs.

In Arabic Mehndi Design, you’ll find many types of mehndi patterns with strong influences from both Hinduism and Islam. They often combine both cultures to create a truly unique style. Some popular Arabic mehndi patterns include peacocks, lotuses, and suns with moons.

7 Creative Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic mehndi designs are a beautiful way to express your cultural identity. In this article, we’re going to explore 7 of the most popular Arabic mehndi designs that will make you stand out at any occasion.

1) Lotus

Lotuses grow from the mud and blossom into beautiful flowers. This design is a symbol of purity and growth. It’s a great choice if you want to be elegant and refined.

2) Peacock Feathers

A peacock feathers design is a visually stunning way to honor your heritage. If you want something that is vibrant and colorful, this is a great choice!

3) A Hamsa Hand

The hamsa hand design often features either an eye or the word “Allah” in the palm area of the hand. The hamsa hand has been interpreted as guarding against evil forces and bringing good luck. It’s also believed to bring protection against the evil eye.

4) A Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace design can inspire feelings of love, femininity, wealth, nobility, success, beauty, peace, wisdom and more! This is an excellent option if you want something that will make you feel confident!

Peacock Mehndi Design

peacock mehndi design

The peacock is a popular creature in Arab culture. It symbolizes beauty, which is why it’s often incorporated into mehndi designs.

This peacock mehndi design features two peacocks surrounded by flowers. The peacocks are black with blue and green accents, which reflects the colors of the Arab flag.

This peacock design will look beautiful on your hands!

Lotus Mehndi Design

Lotus Mehndi Design

The lotus is a symbol of purity. It’s also a sacred flower in Hinduism. The design is popular for weddings because it’s associated with marital vows.

Rose petals Mehndi Design

Rose petals Mehndi Design

The design is actually called the “Lotus.” The flower’s petals form a heart and it’s said to represent eternal love. The Lotus mehndi design is often used in weddings and we can see why; it’s absolutely breathtaking.

A lot of Arabic girlfriends like the Lotus design because it reminds them of their commitment to each other. They wear this mehndi design on their hand to signify their dedication to each other.

If you’re looking for something that’ll make your date very happy, then give this one a try. It has a lot of meaning and they’ll really appreciate the gesture!

Henna leaves Mehndi Design

Henna leaves Mehndi Design

This is one of the most popular Arabic mehndi designs. Henna leaves are often used as decoration on wedding dresses or to decorate furniture. The pattern is so popular because it symbolizes growth, hope, and renewal.

The design itself has two parts: The main part of the design is a tree with branches and leaves. This is super cool because you can choose your own color for the background (usually black). The second part of the design is made up of patterns that wrap around your hand to simulate vines climbing up your arm.

If you’re considering this Arabic mehndi design, make sure to do it before three days before your event! Henna lasts about 10 days but it will take time to dry after you apply it to your skin.

Palm leaves Mehndi Design

Palm leaves Mehndi Design

One of the most popular Arabic mehndi designs is palm leaves. Palm leaves are imprinted with intricate detail, giving it a natural feel. They’re often found in southeast Asia, where they’re used in ayruvedic medicine. Palm leaves have become quite popular in Arabic mehndi designs because of how they resemble intertwining vines.

This mehndi design is composed of three different colored palms, making it eye-catching. It also has a tribal flare to it, which makes your hands look like they’ve been decorated with ancient symbols! This is one of the best Arabic mehndi designs for those who want to look unique but still show their culture off.

Dahlia flower Mehndi Design

Dahlia flower Mehndi Design

The dahlia flower mehndi design is a popular pattern for brides. It’s a delicate pattern that’s feminine and romantic.

The dahlia is a symbol of beauty. The bride wears this design on her hands as a way to symbolize her beauty and femininity.

It’s also used as a wedding mehndi pattern because the beautiful white petals represent purity and love.

In many cultures, the dahlia has been associated with joy and happiness as well as fertility, which makes it the perfect flower for weddings.

There are many different variations of this pattern, but the most popular one includes two flowers next to each other with vines extending from one to another.

Acanthus flower Mehndi Design

Acanthus flower Mehndi Design

The canthus flower is a popular design because it’s simple yet elegant. It usually consists of a single line that spirals up the arm, with leaves extending outwards on either side of the arm.

Acanthus flowers are typically done in orange. This style is appropriate for wedding celebrations, engagements, and other formal events.

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