How to Use Instagram Video Ads to Grow Your Business in 2022

How to Use Instagram Video Ads to Grow Your Business in 2022

Video ads on Instagram are an excellent tool to boost business profiles and bring in better brand recognition leads. How to start with video ads and achieve success? Initially, Instagram was dominated by images, but ads have become an important part of its video content as it is evolving. Brands can use video ads to reach out to the target audience and bring in potential leads for the business. 

Setting Up Instagram Video Ads

There are different ways to use videos on Instagram, such as ads, reels, stories, in-stream video ads, etc. Depending on the brand’s requirement, you have to effectively deploy the right video content to reach the potential group. 

Choosing the latest Ad Maker that is feature-rich and helps create the best professional ads is better. Some specifications of the ads can help create unique content that can catch the attention of millions on Instagram and become an effective marketing tool for your business’s growth.  

So, try to use the latest Online Ad Maker to create an attractive and unique ad. It would help give a professional touch to your video ad, and viewers would love to watch an attractive one. Beginners should pick a simple ad maker that doesn’t require prior knowledge to use it. 

How are Instagram Video Ads Useful?

1. Help in brand awareness 

Video ads help raise brand awareness and enable you to reach the target audience better. These are important metrics depending on which you can expect more people to reach out to your brand and know about the quality of service to expect. Your brand would no more be a surprise to online audiences, and it would become well known among the rest on every platform.  

2. Boost engagement 

Engagement depends on traffic and the audience’s interest in the brand. Once they visit the page, they should be interested in revisiting it, and this is how ads can help retain attention and help in better engagement from the customers. You have to offer something alluring that sets your brand apart from the rest and contributes to increased engagement. 

3. Bring in more traffic and views 

The more you can drive traffic, the better results you get from every platform. It brings in potential customers and visitors to convert them to potential ones for your business. It should also impact your video views as you create more engaging video content.  

4. Facilitate lead generation 

Try to set your objectives in the best way possible, and it would help with effective lead generation. In addition, it should work with Instagram stories that help bring in the attention of potential leads to help get in direct touch with the customers.  

5. Boosting conversions and the sales funnel 

The objectives are to understand how much ads can influence the views. It also helps in sales conversion and boosts the overall sales funnel. It would help with the potential conversion of the business.  

6. Storing traffic can help 

It is important to store traffic for your business, as it can help in improving your reach among potential audiences. For this, Instagram is the ideal platform to work with and get better attention from your customers. The stories and feeds can help you bring in traffic via your Instagram and effectively make your brand noticed among the target group. 

Some of the Best Practices for Video Ads 

1. Optimize videos ads 

The ads should be compatible to run on mobile as Instagram is mainly operated via mobile platforms. The videos should be either square or vertical in orientation, and it is better to check the size of the video. It should be such that it is easy for users to get access to it via mobile phones. 

2. Get to the point directly

If you want the ad to look authentic, get straight to the point and don’t bore the audience. As per studies, users tend to remember the brand name if you introduce it within the first 3 seconds of an ad.   

3. Use bold captions 

Captions are easy to generate interest via Instagram video ads but be selective on the choice of words. You can also try to include relevant information with hashtags to make it interesting for users. Try using subtitles and make them look attractive to engage users in the ads.   

4. Check for competitive content 

Check out the competition before deciding on your content and how you wish to reach customers. The competition would help you know the quality of content to put in ads for a wider reach among customers.  

5. Try to be unique and original 

You have to be unique in this land of million scrolls to stand out and get noticed. Be creative in the best way possible and try to present content to attract the audience’s attention. 

6. Offer a solution to a problem

Besides just mentioning your brand’s existence, there are different creative ways to let the audience know about you. Try to develop a solution to any problem and let customers feel valued. If customers can connect with their choice and interests via the ads, it will be easy for them to reach out for the brand service and thus, help in brand recognition. 

7. Try to maintain consistency 

Try to be faithful and have consistency for your brand. Once you establish a style and different vision to showcase brand service and products, try to maintain it for a long time. The customers would expect it too, and it would help you get better results from such video marketing tricks. Furthermore, you can use y2mate to download any type of video.

Wrapping it Up 

One has to be careful about picking the correct ad specs that would help with their effective reach. With better reach, more viewers and customers would get to know about the brand’s existence and show interest. Try to use the right format of video ads on Instagram, and ensure it has suitable compatibility with a mobile device. With this, you can easily reach out to millions online, as ads positively contribute to a brand’s growth.  

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