Traveling to Costa Rica for the First Time? Check This Guide

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great Central American country for tourists and seasoned travelers. You can have a lot of adventures there with your family or with your friends. Overall, it has a lot of places that are best for tourists in any season and any time of the year.

The Pacific coast is the best place for most tourists because this place has some of the best beaches in the world. You can enjoy your visit to Arenal Volcano which you can find in the northern areas of Costa Rica. The land around the volcano is very beautiful and has natural beauty. The Volcano is tall and active and the last time it erupted was in 2010.

Los Suenos fishing adventures in Costa Rica are something that you can remember for life. This is the best place for those who love fishing. To make your trip memorable, you can hire private luxury yachts where you can enjoy your vacations with friends and family.

You can also stay there in Los Suenos in luxury villas that are available for every group size tourists. Even you can enjoy pools and much more there.

You can also find greeny dense cloud forests which are safe for tourists.

Things to Know About Costa Rica

When you are traveling any part of the world, for the first time, you need to know some important things about that place. So, here are the top things that you must know about Costa Rica before you pack your luggage.

Language of Costa Rica

The local language of Costa Rica is the Spanish language and most of the people there only speak Spanish. It is a good idea to attend Spanish language classes to learn the basics of Spanish so that you can make basic conversation with locals.

But even if you don’t know Spanish, it is fine. Because at tourist spots, most of the people understand the English language as well. If you speak a few Spanish words, locals will be happy as they think that you are respecting their culture and language.

Currency of Costa Rica

When you are on a world tour, it is important to know about the local currency. The easiest way to make your transactions is by using the local currency in most parts of the world. Colones (₡) is the local currency of Costa Rica.

1USD is equal to ₡570.75 Colones. Though you can pay through your credit cards at tourist spots. For hotel bookings, tour bookings,s or at restaurants, you can use a credit card. But it is good to have some cash in the local currency as well.

When to visit Costa Rica

The temperature of Costa Rica is warm all year long. You can find a cooler temperature in the mountains only. May to November is the rainy season and almost every there will be a shower, either for a short period of time or for a full day. So, if you don’t like the rainy season then don’t plan your trip during this time, especially in October.

But if you can deal with the rain, then this season is good as prices are cheaper and it will be less tourist crowded during the rainy season.

In case you want to enjoy the beaches in Costa Rica, then December to April is the best time. During this time you will find occasional showers and your overall experience will be good. But keep in mind, prices will be high and tourist places will be crowded during this time.

Visa Requirement

Most of the tourists enjoy a visa-free entry in Costa Rica and can stay up to 90 days. Country allows citizens of many different countries to enter without a visa and they can live there without a visa for 90 days maximum.

How to Travel Around

The cheapest option to travel around Costa Rica is public transport. You can have public buses. But most of the tourists prefer to book a taxi as they can visit different areas where busses are not available.

Air Travel facility is also available to travel around different parts of Costa Rica. But that will be an expensive option for many tourists.

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