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Best and Most Expensive Cities to Live in India with Quality Lifestyle

Most expensive cities to live in india

India is a great country to live in for those who wanted to see beautiful places and like to explore historical sites. Though India is not an expensive country to live in. As if we compare the cost of living in India with the European or American states, then it is cheap to live in India.

If you are a US citizen and you are coming to India, you should be looking for the most expensive cities to live in India. These cities will be expensive for the local people but not for a US citizen. Furthermore, as a US citizen, you can enjoy the quality of life in these most expensive Indian cities.

Getting an Indian visa for US citizens is not a difficult task. US citizens can easily get visas by filling out a simple online Indian visa application form. If they are coming to India for tourism, they can get eVisa for India.

Expensive Cities to Live in India

So, when you plan to come to India, you should look for the following cities to live in. These are the cities that offer more facilities and are a bit expensive for the local people.

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Without any second thought, Mumbai is one of the best cities in India to enjoy the quality of life. This is the favorite city of many business owners. Whereas, you can find almost any top Indian celebrity from the Bollywood film industry here in Mumbai.

Roads of Mumbai are best in India whereas the public transport is also good. Big businesses and companies can be found in Mumbai. It is the home of Tata Group of Industries, Reliance Industries, and the Aditya Birla Group.

Headquarters of giant Indian companies, Reserver Bank of India, Bombay Stock Exchange, and the Reserve Bank of India are also in Mumbai.


Delhi is the hub of politics in India. That means it is the capital city of India and the biggest politicians of India live in New Delhi. Not only the politicians, but the bureaucrats of India also settled in Delhi and they have properties in the city.

It means that it’s Delhi that operates and controls the whole of India. Shiv Nadar who is a tech-billionaire also lives in Delhi along with his family. They own HCL Technologies and they are the richest family in Delhi.

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Kolkata was the capital of India during British rule. It is a very beautiful and cultural city that also contributes a major role in India’s growing GDP. Britannia Industries of India, Coal India Limited, and ITC Limited are also here in Kolkata.

Roads can be improved, but overall the transport system of the city is good and any foreign citizen is warmly welcome by the local people.

Benu Gopal Bangur is the richest person in Kolkata and he is the chairman of Shree Cements. If you decide to live in Kolkata as an American citizen, you will surely enjoy your stay in India.

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