Why Travel Bloggers From the United States Loves To Visit India?

Travel to India for Vlogs

Blogging is a great way to not only improve your creativity but also to earn some money from home. There are a lot of niches in blogging, but when it comes to travel blogging, it is the most exciting and thrilling field of life to not only earn a good amount of money but also is a great chance to explore the world.

A lot of travel bloggers from the United States travel to different parts of the world, they make their videos and publish them on their YouTube channels. A lot of people who can’t travel for any reason, watch their videos and enjoy different parts of the world by staying at home.

India is the 7th largest country in the world by area and 2nd largest country based on its 1.38 billion population. It is not difficult to judge that a country with that much big in not only area but also in population has a lot to explore.

The rich culture of India and beautiful sceneries are the best things that travel bloggers can explore. In fact, it might be a paradise for travel bloggers, especially for the travel bloggers of the United States.

Visa for US Travel Bloggers

Getting a visa for the United States travel bloggers is not an issue. The government of India offers eTA visas to more than 170 countries in the World. Of crouse United States is one of those countries. An eTA visa is a paperless electronic visa that allows anyone to enter the country.

eTA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization and anyone can apply for this eTA visa online. Here you can find the Indian visa application for US citizens and if you are from the United States, you can apply for your eTA by filling this Indian visa application form.

Validity of Indian Tourist Visa

Normally eVISA is issued for a short period of time, but for US citizens, Indian eVisa is available for 3 different time periods. Here are the three types of eVisa:

30 Days Tourist Visa: With this visa, any US citizen can enter India and can stay there for 30 days. This is a double-entry visa that means they can enter the country twice in the 30 days time period.

1 Year Tourist Visa: With this extended period of Visa, US citizens can stay in India for 365 days from the date they first enter the country. This is a multiple entry visa, which means they can have multiple entries in India during those 365 days.

5 Years Tourist Visa: For any US citizen who wants to explore India’s every city, a 5 years Indian visa is the best option that allows them to enter multiple times in India.

Why US Travel Bloggers Should Visit India?

Every travel blogger looks for 2 things when he decides to visit a new place:

  1. A lot to Explore: Every blogger wants his tour to be full of fun and safe adventures. India is a country where foreign travel bloggers can explore different kinds of land, different people, a rich culture, a lot of local festivals, and many more.
  2. More Viewers for their Travel Vlogs: Every blogger wants more viewers on their YouTube channel and when they decide to visit a country they keep this in mind whether they can find new viewers and subscribers for their channel from that country or not? Because their ultimate goal is to earn money online from their traveling vlogs.

So, every US blogger or travel blogger from other countries should visit India as they have a lot of things to explore in India. The people of India are so loving and they always welcome foreigners, they want to show their hospitality so travel bloggers can achieve both of their goals i.e a safe adventurous tour and getting a lot more viewers and subscribers from a country that is 2nd largest populous country in the world.

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