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Who has never considered living abroad? Today, more than ever, taking this decision can represent a complete change of life. Even though the quality of life, salaries and public services of these first world countries are arguably better than others, living abroad is not just a matter of catching a plane and trying your luck when you arrive. It takes a lot of planning, organization and preparation for change!

If you’re already convinced of all this and can’t wait to put your backpack on your back and conquer your dreams in another territory, then you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we clarify the main doubts and essential care for those who intend to live abroad, without hassles or troubles. Let’s check it out?

Where to get visas?

Each country has its own rules and policies for issuing visas, as well as their validity and functioning. Governments such as Australia and New Zealand, for example, offer a wide range of visas to foreigners who want to work and study abroad in these countries and, without a doubt, it can be the first step towards establishing themselves there.

In all cases, visas are granted by the country’s consulate and go through basic documentation procedures, payment of fees, interviews (in the case of Australia and New Zealand, you will have to make a cover letter), proof of income and the type of visa requested.

Taking advantage of the hook and talking a little more about Oceania, it is worth remembering that the student visa also gives international student a paid work permit (if he studies for at least 14 weeks), and this is already a great advantage to start receiving in dollar and have the first contacts with local companies, which can choose to hire definitively, granting you a permanent visa there! Want better opportunity than this?

How is the change process?

Another fundamental issue for those who intend to live abroad is to understand how the change process works. So here we go! For those who want to chart the right and easiest path and with much more guaranteed opportunities, the best thing is to embark on an exchange program.

After all, this way, you already leave you own country with a defined city, a student visa and accommodation included, whether at the educational institution itself or at the home of local families. In other words, you will have the correct documentation, studying and officially living in the country.

Afterwards, you also have the possibility to work legally and, with good performance, until you get a permanent promotion. From there, looking for your own apartment and organizing the move becomes much easier and more relaxed, do you agree?

How to get a job?

High salaries and relaxed atmospheres are some of the attractions of international companies. But don’t think that you just get out there and get to work! That’s why an exchange program is recommended!

After all, it is the easiest way for those who intend to work and live abroad, without having to submit to informal jobs and go through difficulties at their destination. Those who leave their country on a student visa for Australia or New Zealand, for example, have a work permit. In addition, in the classroom, you create essential networking to stay on top of vacancies or even be referred by a colleague.

The educational institution, usually, also has partnerships for internships and the contracted agency itself can help. Other than that, you have to go door to door, check the shop windows, the government programs and keep an eye on the classifieds.

Finally, the government of Australia makes available annually a list of vacancies and professions in the country.

How to adapt to differences?

Living abroad is to emerge in different cultures and customs, but always consider this as a way of learning. Without a doubt, these “culture shocks” are more positive than negative.

However, it is clear that there are certain factors that can contribute to this adaptation phase. For example, for Brazilians, going to a very cold place all year round can be complicated. Therefore, opting for a more similar climate and, preferably, with beaches, is always a good option, as is the case in Australia and New Zealand.

Furthermore, these countries are known for the hospitality of the people, interesting customs and traditions, mind-blowing destinations for travel and an incomparable quality of life.

Oh, and finally, in exchange programs, you will certainly have direct contact with other people from different countries and cultures. So, take the time to grow and learn each day!

Where to start?

For sure, the easiest, practical, safest and most assured way for those who intend to live abroad is through an exchange program. We reinforce the idea that, above all, it is essential to do a thorough research on the destinations and conditions of the programs to embark without any doubts.

After the decision of the country, it is recommended to carry out the entire bureaucratic process of visas, tickets, accommodation, enrollment in school, etc. That’s why having a specialized agency with professional and personalized support is essential for your move to take place in the best possible way.

Finally, living abroad, without a doubt, is a unique opportunity for those who want to grow, both professionally and personally, as an experience of this type involves unique experiences, moments and sensations. The economic and political stability of these countries invites us to rethink the quality of life we all want. So, more than ever, this is the time to bet on yourself and build a future out there!

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